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Moved up in the rotation

My card desk may not show it, but I have a systematic way of showing off cards I receive.

It's basically first come, first serve.

The only times I make an exception is when I get a little too excited about a card and I just have to babble about it right away.

This is one of those times. Somebody is getting moved up in the rotation.

Yesterday, I received a two-card envelope from R.C., who's sent me a few special cards over the years.

The first card is pretty fantastic. It's one of the best-looking cards from the 1976 Hostess set, a set that I am collecting.

I really like the restraint on the cutting of this card. I do a little celebration when the collector has the forethought to cut around the dotted lines. Nice work, previous collector.

One drawback to this card, though.

I own it already.

I found it at a card show a couple of years ago. It was really a triumphant find, the best surprise of that show.

So I have an extra Stars & Stripe Reggie to spare. I would like to trade it for another '76 Hostess card that I don't have, preferably something in decent shape, but it can be anybody, a scrub compared to Mr. October, just as long as I don't have it already.

So, get at me, and all that stuff.

But the Reggie card, even as great as it is, even if I didn't already have one, is definitely not why I moved this envelope up in the rotation.

The reason involves a card in not nearly as nice a shape as the Jackson Hostess card. Nobody showed any restraint with this card. But I don't care:

Yikes, it's a 1952 Bowman Roy Campanella.

Do you know how many times I look for 1950s Roy Campanella cards?

The answer is: I never do.

What's the point? I'm going to have to pay an arm and a leg. There's no way I'm going to do that. The card seller is going to have to get in line behind the mortgage lender, the college lender, the hospital biller, the auto mechanic. I'm not doing it. I'm not even looking.

But now I can not look without a thought about what I'm missing. What a glorious card.

Campy will go next to my '52 Bowman cards of Reese, Hodges, Furrillo and Branca. Shockingly I already have most of the big names from this team set.

I may need to move '52 Bowman up on my list when I hit my next card show.

Yep, I think '52 Bowman just got moved up in the rotation.


Both very nice cards. I wish I had my Hostess stack here.
steelehere said…
Which Dodgers do you need to complete your '52 Bowman Dodgers team set?
night owl said…
Basically everyone I didn't mention in the post.
Angus said…
Yeah, I think those cards are worth jumping the mail queue.

Congrats on receiving the Campanella. Very sweet!
Commishbob said…
Two super cards. The Reggie is one of the best looking of all the Hostess cards. The red/white/blue design and that A's uni are a nice combo.

I've got a few Campy cards but I'd trade them all for the '52 Bowman. What a nice package to receive.
Fuji said…
That 76 Hostess Jackson is beautiful. I first saw it on the Commish's blog last year and immediately grabbed myself a copy off of eBay. Everything about it says 70's baseball. Plus I love seeing the Oakland Coliseum from my childhood in the background.
Mark Hoyle said…
Agree with the Commish. Two great cars
Chris said…
That is a nice 1-2 punch from RC. The Reggie is very colorful and perfectly cut. And that Campy is fantastic in any condition! Now let's see the rest of your 52 Bowman Dodgers :)

I'm with you on the Campy prices; I tried like hell to get a '55 Bowman back in the day but couldn't afford it. A couple years ago I bought a '53 Bowman's a fantastic card, but I got caught up in an eBay bidding war and overpaid. I was hoping to keep it $100 but it ended at like $159.

Alan Deakins said…
-Good luck with the '52 Bowman....I tried going after the '53 set...ended up trying to complete the '55 Bowman instead....still trying....