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Awesome night card, pt. 282: the 2018 night cards

Every year at this time I take a quick glance through my Topps flagship cards and see what new night cards I can discover.

It's very easy these days to find a night card, but that also leads to a whole bunch of boring night cards. With many modern-day night cards, there's very little visual sign that the game is at night. There is usually a dark glow in the background around the player and that's all that tells you that it's a night card.

I don't like having those types of night cards in my night card binder. I'd rather my night cards be loud and proud. Show off your nightness! I want to see LIGHTS!

But in 2018, in these close-cropping times, I'll take what I can get.

My favorite night card from 2018, at the moment (I'm still waiting to get a Kershaw one), is the David Dahl flagship card. Sure, there is no overt nighttime signal, but Dahl is definitely booking through the night air. The best part of the card is the glowing scoreboard. I haven't done my Sick Scoreboard Card Series in awhile, but this would get at least three hand claps.

It's the type of night card that I would definitely want in my night card binder. And since I do have a double of this card, I can determine whether it gets a spot.

Dahl is card No. 96 in the set, which means it has the honor of replacing one of those bland night cards I was just talking about, which resided in the No. 96 slot.

Goodbye boring Edwin Encarnacion Archives night card.

Here is another quality night card from 2018 Topps. It's another "booking around the bases" card. There's no mistaking the tell-tale night glow on Nick Markakis' helmet.

Also check out the glowing light in the background. Perhaps it's a reflection? A quick search of Getty Images turns up the photo. It was taken in Milwaukee. The glow is coming from the bullpen or more probably a field-level spectator area at Miller Park.

This is card No. 206 is the set, which means it gets to push out the following night card from the binder:

I mean, come on, the guy can't even throw to first base.

Last notable 2018 flagship night card for now.

There is no visible "tell" as far as it being a night card, but that sure ain't daylight on the card. The celebration shot makes it a worthy candidate for the binder.

And there is nobody blocking its way as there was an open slot at No. 135.

My night card binder is now three cards more interesting than it was before the 2018 cards came out.

I'm hoping I can find more memorable night cards from 2018 flagship in the future. There's nothing more sad than a dud night card.

So zoom out a little on those cards, Topps! Let's see lights, let's see neon!


buckstorecards said…
Keep watching your mailbox and the Kershaw will soon be in your hands.
Fuji said…
You've got some great detective skills. How the heck did you figure out that the Edwin Encarnacion was a night card? Light on the hat?
night owl said…
Yeah, there's light on the hat, but there's also a glow around him and in the background that's not there for cards taken during the daytime.
BaseSetCalling said…
There are A LOT of night cards in 2018 Series One. Most ever, perhaps?

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