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Blog bat-around epilogue

Here is a card that arrived just yesterday.

It's part of my recently started mission to get a better representation of my love for music in my card collection. I figured the MusiCards set from the early '90s is the best place to start since they're so available.

Why Kylie Minogue, you ask? A better question is why not Kylie? Why hasn't Kylie Minogue been the three-decade cutey-patootie sweetheart in America that she's been in all of Europe and Australia? Why, huh? WHY?

But anyway, this satisfies both my music cards collection and my girlie cards collection. And I've been doing a fine job lately of meeting several of my collection interests, as you'll see in a post this weekend.

But this post is less about my collecting interests than your collecting interests.

A couple of weeks ago I kicked off a Blog Bat-Around by asking you what your collections looked like. Some of you beat me to the punch and listed what you collected before I even started the blog bat-around. But even after it became official, there was a great response.

I had never thought of it this way, but this Blog Bat-Around was actually a great way to advertise what you collect for future trades. And now this post will be a great one-stop spot for seeking out particular bloggers' wants.

Here now are all 44 (or thereabouts) of the "What I Collect" blog bat-arounds:

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And if you forgot:

Night Owl Cards

I hope I didn't forget anyone. I also hope no one is disappointed I merely linked. I started writing brief blurbs on what each person collected and quit that after three blogs when I realized I'd be typing until 5 in the morning.

If you had planned to write a Blog Bat-Around and haven't gotten to it yet, I will add your post to this list when it shows up.

It's funny, there was a blog several years ago that listed everyone's collecting preference, so I don't know why this clicked with everyone all over again (plus, most blogs feature a "what I collect" link somewhere on the blog).

But I know several bloggers participated in their first blog bat-around with this one, so that's great!

It's also great that people are so enthusiastic about collecting that they have a dozen or more pursuits. The more obscure the better!

Even if it's collecting cards of that Locomotion chick.


Chris said…
This is a great resource, and even though I didn't technically participate it did help initiate a trade or two. And there are blogs listed in this post that I hadn't seen before.

And I have no idea why Kylie never caught on stateside (at least not until the aptly-titled earworm that is "Can't Get You Out of My Head") She was my 'guilty pleasure' crush for quite a while. The legs on that little woman, my god! :D
Base Card Hero said…
Perfect. I was trying to find all the other Blog Bat Around posts... I missed quite a few. There goes the rest of my night catching up.

Billy Kingsley said…
Putting these links together was probably more work than most of us put into the posts...I noticed that you even put them in chronological order of being published. Most impressive. There are some I haven't seen before so now it's time to check out some new to me blogs.
Somewhere around here I actually have her CD with "Can't get you out of my head"...but unfortunately where I put it did go out of my head.
DMA said…
Thanks for getting it started, thanks for putting all this together, and thanks for the link!
Nick Vossbrink said…
Okay so maybe I need to create a blog header…
Scribbled Ink said…
Awesome! Thank you for putting it all together.
bbcardz said…
From one Dodger fan to another, thanks so much for including my Stadium Fantasium blog! I agree that this post will help expand our trading opportunities. Thanks again!
Matt said…
I had fun in my first bat around. I actually have more stuff I could have put on there but narrowed it down.
Zippy Zappy said…
Nice. I actually started writing mine, it'll be up around Monday lol.
Fuji said…
Great topic. Thank you for putting all of these together. I definitely missed some of these, so I look forward to checking them out. Hopefully this inspires more BBA in the near future.
Nick said…
I'll have to get around to writing one of these posts at some point. It might be a bit more scattered than other people's posts, but it would be a good resource for future trades (which seem to have dried up for me lately).
Twitch said…
Kylie will always be Cammy to me. Bless you, gloriously awful live action Street Fighter movie.
GCA said…
Kylie is nice, but the one pop gal I include with all the guitar gods that I separate out of music cards is Sheena Easton.

I'll be adding to my blogroll and binge reading a lot of these posts later.
Adam Kaningher said…
Thanks for putting this together!