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Going out with a bang

I've got a packed weekend and I don't know how much I'm going to be able to blog. So I better make this a good one if it's going to sit at the top of the blog for longer than usual. And by "good one" I mean lots of great cards.

So that means Dave K. jumps the card package rotation right to the front of the line. Don't get mad at him. Wait until you see the cards he sent. He deserves to go to the front. Send some cards like this and you'll go to the front of the line, too.

Dave sent a lot of stuff directly off the top of my priority list. You already saw the 1965 Topps Johnny Podres that completed the team set for me. The rest of the package was a lot set completion stuff, too. But first, let's start with some other interests:

First, here's the first card in last year's Bowman Chrome set. That's right, Bowman made Yasiel Puig card No. 1. If you look closely, you can see Mexican traffickers in the background waiting to talk to him.

This card was on my want list for like a day. That's perfect. Because I never wanted to publicly acknowledge that I wanted a card with a Cardinal pitcher getting top billing. I don't know what the deal is with Cardinals pitchers, but I don't think I've liked them even when I liked the team. (Bob Gibson is excluded, of course).

Oooooh, look at all that nondescript vaguery on cardboard. I'm not sure what uniform the Los Angeleses are wearing, but it's definitely not a Dodgers' uni. The blue stripe on the Michael Young card is very strange.

There are a couple modern day night cards for you. Both have spots waiting for them in the night card binder. And this is the first documented case of hair pulling on a baseball card.

Dave will probably end up finishing the '08 Heritage High Numbers set for me because I can't get out from under all my wants. By the way, I think that's the ocean behind Gavin Floyd.

 Uh-oh ....




This brings me down to less than THIRTY cards left to complete the 1975 Topps mini set!

Sure that 30 includes both Aarons, Schmidt and Reggie, but that doesn't mean I'm NOT COMING FOR YOU ULTRAPRO! I WANT A LIST OF DEALERS WHO SELL YOUR NEW MINI-SIZE PAGES! A LIST!!!!!

Maybe I can even convince you to get the damn things on your website.

Look at that. That's a bunch of 1972 high numbered Braves. I get so happy when 1972s come my way I don't even mind all the Braveness.

Even more of them. I especially like the two Expos cards. Palm trees and dudes sitting in the dugout. Baseball is awesome.

This is in so much better shape than the pathetic version I found online several months ago. This won't be the only time I show a Drysdale card on this post.

This is the Duke's last card featuring him as a Dodger (retro cards excluded, of course). It's very cool pulling a card like that out of an unexpected envelope.

Sorry, I should have warned you to put on sunglasses. And, dammit, now I have that Colbie Caillat song in my head. Yes, that one. I'm sorry. Let's all focus on the 1958 Dodgers. That's what we should be doing anyway.

Yes, there are a few creases here. I don't care. Do you know what a bitch it is to get high numbers from 1960 Topps? This is the third highest card in the set! Excellent card and excellent scouting, Dave.



jacobmrley said…
I am 98% sure I have a mini '75 Reggie Jackson amongst his unsorted pile. When I find it I will put it aside for you.
Captain Canuck said…
I beg and offer up internal organs for '72 hi number Braves.... and a Dodger fan gets them.

at least they went to a good home, if not a slightly hostile one.
night owl said…
If you still need the Casanova, I can spare it.
Mark Hoyle said…
I think I may have a couple also
Fuji said…
Once upon a time... I owned that 62T Duke. Looks like I'm off to track one down and have a little cardboard reunion.

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