Sunday, December 9, 2012

You've seen these before

Taking a cue from Cardboard Junkie, I'm eradicating a handful of posts that have been overtaken by spammers and the like.

Just a few days ago, I added one of those "most popular posts" gadgets to my sidebar, but then took it down because I remembered that we can't have nice things because "most popular" means "most visits by web-bots" in the google world.

So in a futile effort to give meaning to the stats that Blogger provides, you won't see a couple of posts no more. They're gone.

Don't worry, they were just trade posts. (Dave Cash doesn't know what to think of this, but trust me, sir, it will be OK).

I've provided the images that are worth saving here so you won't feel deprived:

And here is a repeat of my thanks from the original posts:

Thanks to Spiegel and Bo and gcrl, they were great cards, they ARE great cards.

Unfortunately, I couldn't duplicate all the comments on those posts because they wouldn't make sense any longer. So I apologize for that.

But here is one comment left on one of those posts that's totally out of context, yet perfectly appropriate.

I think it sums up the way things are going around here, both on the blog and in regular life.

Thank you, lifetimetopps.

I agree.


  1. I tried putting one of those "popular posts" things on my blog for a while, but it didn't last long because of the very reasons you mentioned.

    I learned from your writings not to put the word "card" or "post" or anything like that in the titles of my posts, as those seem to be buzzwords for those dreaded "bots".

  2. What do bots do to posts? How can you prevent them from taking over?

  3. I wish I could say I remember posting that. But I don't. Weird!