Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Starting slowly

OK, Year 4 has begun and I'm just as tired as I was when I finished out Year 3.

So let's ease into the new year with something nice and simple.

Something easy.

Something like ...

... oh, I don't know ...

... maybe ...


A TRADE POST?!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, stop groaning. You know as well as I that without trade posts, half of the baseball card blogs wouldn't even exist. They are not only necessary, but they are many bloggers' reason for being. And I'm not going to question anyone's reason for being.

Unless you're Nick Swisher.

And if he would just stop using the word "man" three times in every sentence, I'd let things go.

Anyway, I've got just three little trades here. All were just a handful of cards each. Very non-taxing. Very stress-free. Shipping charges were manageable. And I didn't break my back pulling the cards in from the porch.


The Lost Collector is up first. I wonder if he's still lost? He's been blogging for a little while now.

Anyhoo, I already showed the Ike Davis Lineage mini he sent me, time for me to show some of the other items:

I have this card already. I just wanted to show it to point out the Dasani water bottle and wonder how much Topps pocketed for that little bit of subliminal advertising.

I had no idea Pro Debut had blue parallels until I pulled this card out of the envelope. My brain kept trying to consider other options. "Perhaps another set? No. Someone colored in the border with marker? No." You have to love my brain. It's so trusting of the good in others. Not once did it figure out that TOPPS MADE PARALLELS IN A MINOR LEAGUE SET!!!!!

I'm sorry, brain, that you had to hear that.

OK, this is what the trade was all about. But I confess, I don't know what these shiny Lineage parallels are called. I was calling them chrome parallels because that's what I heard others call them. But it's some sort of cross between foil and chrome, but definitely refractor in nature.

I just spent way too many words trying to explain that.


Johngy sent me some cards, too. He likes to send emails out of the blue. Pleasant sentences that include words happily arranged to say, "I have some cards for you."

It's quite charming.

But Johngy actually had cards off of my Nebulous 9 list, which are the best kind of card offerings.

Here they are:

Good gosh, I love '84 Fleer. Everyone else must, too, because I shouldn't still need Dodgers from it.

Most of Fleer's photos from the early '80s look like they were taken all within a half hour. I just imagine some barely adult photographer running manically all over the field trying to snap as many photos as possible. As long you could see the player's face, you had a photo for a card. They must've taken half the set in a day.

My Nebulous 9 list is now at 7. But I'll get it back to regulation soon.


Every once in awhile, I mention in the comments how much I like a card. I don't do that to get people to send me the card. I only type it because I've suddenly fallen in love with the card and I MUST EXPRESS THAT RIGHT NOW.

Well, Brian of 30-Year-Old Cardboard decided to send me the card even after he posted about how wonderful it was.

I really need to get a want list up for the 2001 Upper Deck '70s set. It was one of the few sets that drew my eye when I was in my collecting dark period. I can still see these cards hanging up on the end cap of a Fay's Drug Store. Until they became mine.

But Brian threw in another card, too.

Lineage Sparklies!!!!!!

Billingsley deserved a better fate tonight. I have no idea how the Diamondbacks are doing it. The power of neck tattoos? I'm stumped.

And we're done.

That wasn't so bad.

And now I can go to bed. Which is really what I wanted to do in the first place.


  1. I was at tonight's game. It was brutal. Javy "The Bullfighter" Guerra had a tough night. He just lost control. He wasn't even close to the plate.

  2. You're right about trade posts. I started blogging because I had around 50 packages to share. I think 970 of my first 1000 posts were trades. The other 30 were contests.