Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Let's try this again

Don't you hate it when a post publishes on the blog before you're ready for it to appear?

This has happened to me several times, and it is one of the most irritating things about blogging. It doesn't help that the unintended post appears almost always because I screwed something up, either I set the publishing time wrong or hit the wrong button. Then -- bam! -- something stupid is there on the blog and there's nothing I can do about it.

Last week, I published something that wasn't ready and I didn't even realize I did it. I wanted to show off some Dodger cards sent to me by reader Nick, and I was working on a word association angle. But it wasn't working and I thought I had saved it in my drafts so I could rehaul it in the future.

Instead, I published it, and who knows how many people read it and went "huh?"

When I discovered that it published, I deleted it. But I felt bad because these were cards that someone graciously sent me and now they had vanished.

So, I'm showing them again. You'll have to pretend you haven't seen them yet.

I promise this time the post will make more sense.

In fact, I'm going to make it nice and simple and count down my 10 favorite cards from the package. It'll be kind of a "best card in the package post," but in a manageable countdown format, instead of that game show/video thing that goes on for ages.

OK, so here are the best cards from Nick:

10. 2002 Topps Chrome Traded Brian Jordan.

As you know, it's the 15th anniversary of Chrome cards. With the exception of last year's Chrome, I think Chrome cards have gotten progressively better each year. I don't know if I'll ever get sick of Chrome. It's way too much fun.

9. 1999 Pacific Prism Eric Karros.

I don't understand this card. Why would you purposely make a player look like he's psychotic and then cut off his arms so you don't know what he's doing? This card ... is so ... disturbing.

8. 1996 Fleer E-XL Delino DeShields.

Delino is definitely not "Cruising." Nobody has that look on their face when they're "Cruising." I say this card should be renamed as "Laboring."

7. 1996 Collector's Choice Mike Piazza All-Star (with an Eric Karros cameo).

How you know that two players are spending too much time together: When the photographer suggests a pose like this, and neither player says, "hey, dude, I like girls. Really."

6. 1994 Upper Deck Fun Pack Mike Piazza Checklist.

"You know what would make this card even MORE FUN????? If we scribbled his signature right over his crotch! Yeah, let's do that!"

5. 1994 Score Gold Rush Darryl Strawberry.

Strawberry just got done hitting .140 for the Dodgers when this card came out. I couldn't even speak about him in complete sentences, I was so frustrated.

4. 1999 Upper Deck Black Diamond Raul Mondesi.

Whenever I think about foil cards, I instantly recall late '90s cards. Which is why we shouldn't be discussing foil in today's cards, because it BELONGS IN THE '90s!

3. 1994 Upper Deck Fun Pack Mike Piazza Fold Out.

These fold-out cards remind me of when I used to sneak around the house trying to figure out where the Christmas presents were hidden. If I found one, I would kind of paw at it lightly, in hopes that the wrapping would kind of just fall away so I could see what was inside. It's not like I was actually OPENING the gift. It just kind of HAPPENED.

With this card, my fingers can't help but lightly tug at the edge of the red part of the card in hopes that --- oops! -- the card opens all by itself!

But so far, darn it, it's still intact. And, if you're reading this, Mom, I never did that Christmas present thing. I was just embellishing for effect. Really, I would never do that. You raised a good boy.

2. 1997 Circa Mike Piazza.

A lot of collectors think Circa is crazy and over the top and ugly.

I kind of like it. I don't know what the pink space galaxy thing around Piazza is supposed to signify, but it's silly enough for me to embrace it.

1. 1989 Fleer League Leaders Orel Hershiser.

Fleer Oddball Alert! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! My love for these cards grows by the day.

Also, I neglected to mention in the Hershiser post the other day, that I have surpassed 200 unique Hershiser cards in my collection. I'm still trying to figure out if I have 200 Hershisers as a Dodger, because those are the only cards I really care about.

But, way to go, Orel!

So, there you are. That was the post I MEANT to write.

Or it could be another one of those posts that just appeared here because I accidentally hit "publish post."

You'll know if this post disappears in a day or two.


  1. I hate it when I publish a post early! The new Blogger format has a quick "revert to draft" option that I've had to use a couple times.

    I heard they cut off Eric Karros' arms on that card because he was taking a hatchet to a Fox logo.

    Is it just me, the card, the scan, or the photo, or does Darryl Strawberry look like a 43 year old expectant mother from a really rough neighborhood?

    Piazza is so big, entire galaxies go into orbit around his waist.

  2. I've done it too. It's called premature publishing. I think I've seen a late night informercial on ways to combat it.

    I think Piazza is doing some kind of cosmic hoola hoop thing.

  3. What's up with the helmet on DeShields? It looks like he has hydrocephalia. Freaky.

    Word verification: messi, the hipster way to spell it.