Friday, September 2, 2011

Minis! '75 Minis! M-m-m-minis!!!!!!!

I believe you know that I love 1975 Topps minis.

I'm hardly unique in that area. How can you not love them? It's impossible.

But I have a few extra reasons why I love them, which you probably also know if you've read the blog for long enough.

1. The '75 minis came out in the first year that I collected cards. They were only available -- as far as my 9-year-old self knew at the time -- at one corner store several blocks from my home. I've been told over and over that the minis were released only in Michigan and California, yet I found them in small story in upstate New York. That makes them extra special.

2. I took to them right away. What kid doesn't love miniature stuff? My first trade with someone other than my brothers involved acquiring a bunch of minis.

3. I've got a color fixation. Have since I was a tyke. It's wired into my brain through a condition called synesthesia. So, the '75s are a natural.

4. I have a blog devoted to the '75 set. A first-love, that spawned a collector, that spawned a blog, that spawned another blog about a first love.

5. They came from the '70s, man!

With all that in mind, collecting the '75 mini insert set in Topps Lineage is a natural for me. It'd be a slap in the face to my childhood to not collect this set.

I'm collecting it real casual-like, because that's how I collected in 1975. Picking up cards here and there, when I can afford them. My allowance is a little bigger now, but not by much.

You'll be seeing the minis that I acquire sporadically on the blog here. I have a few thoughts about the Lineage '75 minis, most of which I've already expressed on one blog or another. But I need to get them down officially here.

It's possible that I won't collect the entire 200-card set. I'm OK with that. I ended up with only 80 or 90 minis back in 1975. But that won't stop me from saying that I'm looking for any '75 minis -- Lineage or the real thing.

I have some of both en route to me now. So I won't put up a want list until they show up.

(A handful of original minis just appeared in the mailbox today as I wrote the last sentence. You might see those tomorrow).

The Duke Snider Lineage mini at the top of the post came to me from carlsonjok of Cardboard Catastrophes. It's my second Dodger Lineage mini. I may not care whether I collect the entire Lineage mini set, but I do care about landing all the Dodgers. I still need Kershaw (I think that's on its way though), Ethier, Billingsley, Robinson, Koufax and Campanella.

Depending on my success in the whole mini quest, it's about to get real '75 mini heavy on this blog. I hope you don't mind. It's truthfully my most favorite set of all-time -- better than the regular-size '75s, better than '56 Topps, better than Allen & Ginter, better than Fan Favorites, better than any modern cards, better than whatever you think is the best kind of card.

'75 minis, simply put, are da bomb diggity fo sho. (just so you youngerish folks don't feel left out).

Oh, carlsonjok also sent me the Koufax diamond card that I showed last week, and this card:

That's not mini. It's not my style. I won't be collecting all of these.

But all Dodgers are welcome here.


  1. We had the minis here in Arizona. I still have a bunch of beat up ones. My 1975 set really needs to be upgraded.

  2. I have a Jackie Robinson mini coming your way, sorry it has taken so long to get your package out. Sending you some oddball Dodgers I hope you can use.


  3. The Billingsley non-relic and the Kershaw relic mini went out yesterday. I got your great package and it will be posted next week.