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Please take these off my hands

A week or two ago I received another selection of Dodgers from reader Bill.
You might remember -- although you probably don't, after all I am the one who received the cards -- that he sent a bunch to me in the summer of 2020, which I wrote about here

Like the last time, there was an oh, so, sweet, modest selection of cards that I needed:

And a whole lot more that I did not need:

If I'm putting numbers on this, I needed 78 of the cards, which is pretty close to the total when Bill sent the last pile. But that left more than 700 that I did not need.
I will take that percentage any day, I am so happy to greet almost 80 Dodgers cards into my collection that I did not have prior.
But I desperately, desperately need people to take my extras off my hands.
This doesn't have to do with running out of room or some sort of downsizing mission or anything like that. Sure, I probably should downsize and I have those thoughts, but mostly the overriding thought is: there has to be somebody out there who would love these Dodgers extras, somebody just as completist as me or, heck, someone just starting out as a team collector and, man, can I ever give them a boost.

It's tough to find those people though. Almost all of the Dodgers fans who used to both blog and want all the Dodgers they could find have moved on, I don't even know where half of them are and the other half don't seem to be collecting.

On the blogs, that leaves gcrl and me. I send cards to gcrl all the time. I'll comb through these extras and see if there is anything he needs. But that's going to hardly make a dent, because his collection is as advanced as mine, if not more so.

I think I've found someone on Twitter who will take some of my extras. She's a Dodgers fan who admits she has "the sickness" of constant cardboard accumulation. But like many collectors, she wants to give something for what's she's getting, and she's just one person -- who again, has a lot of Dodgers cards.

I am finding, especially now, that there are a whole lot of people downsizing who simply don't want all those extras. That makes me a bit sad that everyone's gone logical, but I can see it. I still think there has to be a Dodgers fan who would be willing to give their collection a jolt. So I'm showing off some of the extras.

I'll start with a few Chrome cards and such. There was very little junk wax in this assortment. The vast majority is from the 1990s, as was the last batch from Bill.

Oooh! Aaaah! Pacific Revolution! And some A&G and Diamond King action and current inserts. Also, I'm not really that fat. The cards got a bit too close to the table edge on some of these and that's my oversized workout hoodie creeping into the shot.

Sorry about the blurry shot. Some Christmas cards, which are appropriate as it's snowing a little bit today.

Someone please take these cards of the Texas Ranger off my hands. Good stuff here!

There were so many Stadium Club cards in those boxes. I am sure I can complete a team set for someone from 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997 Stadium Club, or come fairly close.

More goodies. I've kind of run out of stuff to say. I just know if I was viewing these available cards about 10 years ago, I would've jumped at the chance.

A few more. Including inserts that I'd hate to give up -- even though I have them already!!!

All of these cards and so much more are available. I am not asking for anything in return. You do not need to pay shipping, I just want someone, or hopefully several someones, to be interested in owning some cool Dodgers cards.

But it's about time I show some of the cards that I needed. I'll try to be quick.

Some stuff from the last few years, mostly inserts, mostly legends, who Topps can dial it back on already.

Going back about 20 years for these needs. That Gagne has been a thorn for awhile and I love getting Hershiser cards that I needed!

There's a Jackie Sportflics from '86!

And that's a National Chicle "National Chicle back." Remember those? I don't care about back variations anymore, but I did then.

There's a full set of 1995 Stadium Club "Division Winners," I've seen only one Dodger card from that set ever, so this is most welcome.

More stuff I needed, lots of great parallel action and Stadium Club spin-off things.

More of the same, mostly.

So, obviously, these boxes from Bill were more than worth it and I'm looking forward to putting all of these needed cards into my collection.

But there still remains plenty of Dodgers cards that I have available.

These are cool extras from Michael, whose mailing I just mentioned.

And here are some nifty dupes from reader Dave, who sent an envelope around three weeks ago or so. Someone beat him to most of the 2021 Fire sends already. But two cards snuck through as needs.

How about those polar opposites?

But the elephant in the room is still there! I have too many Dodgers extras. I feel like I'm hogging them all!

People, don't be shy. If you want some of the extras, I will be happy to send, in just about any size you want. It may take a month or two but you won't need to raise a finger. I don't want anything at all in return and it's not just me saying that in that weird way people say, "no you don't need to give me anything for Christmas" and then get upset when someone doesn't.

So come at me. I have lots of Dodgers cards for you.
I still have a box ready to go for Commons4Kids, and I could add like 5 more boxes to that one. Also, I know there are some people like Bo at Baseball Cards Come To Life who isn't picky about teams and will always take a few extras. But I'd like to see devoted Dodgers fans weigh in first.

Come on. Downsizing is overrated. What are you going to do when there's nothing left in your house -- actually talk to people?


Nick Vossbrink said…
LOL. I'm obviously not a Dodgers collector but if you want to send a pile of Shawn Green cards my way I'll slide them into the Stanford album.
Well, you know I'm not a team collector, but I do see some stuff in there I like. The Stadium Club Koufax, Topps Gold Strawberry and Lasorda, the Donruss Grienke and Members Only Nomo.

If you find someone that wants a larger lot, feel free to give those to them so you don't have to send too many packages though!
gcrl said…
The blessing and curse of being a team collector! Always appreciate trading cards and I spy a couple I know I need like the 98 chrome Nixon and the 2019 holiday joc and verdugo cards plus the 2021 fire dupes. Feel free to send insert and parallel dupes my way as I don’t fully trust my want lists when it comes to those.
I like the piazza all time all star that was a keeper for you - I need to track that one down.
night owl said…
@Nick ~ Done. I have plenty of Green's.

@The Diamond King ~ I'll hook up any Dodgers fans and then see what's left for you, how's that?

@gcrl ~ Thanks for getting me started on that next package!
John Sharp said…
That's a LOT of cards... I'll gladly take any Brooklyn Dodgers cards, as well as any Dodgers catchers cards, thanks.
GTT said…
I'd gladly take some cards. I collect Orel Hershiser and Brett Butler, and being a card addict I'd take any interesting cards. I would be interested in the infamous disappearing umpire Manny Ramirez. Thanks.
Some really nice cards here. Hope you find a few Dodgers fans to take them off your hands.
steelehere said…
If you have any duplicate Steve Garvey cards. I’d be interested.

Heck, one of these days I should write a new post on my long neglected blog.
Nick said…
I'd definitely be interested in taking that DK Jackie Robinson & the SC Hollandsworth (I collect him for some reason) off your hands, as well as any spare Nomos in there. I've been overdue on sending you cards for a while. I bought a complete Smokey Bear Dodger Greats set from '89 (I think?) recently, and there's a few in there I don't need that I'm planning on distributing between my two main Dodger trading buddies (you & gcrl). Thanks & look for something from me soon!
Crocodile said…
Any spare 92 golds I'll take.
bryan was here said…
I would like the Fleer Focus Jeff Shaw, both Classic Eddie Murrays and any Fernando Valenzuelas.

I still have those top loaders for you if you're still in need of them.
Mike Matson said…
There are two cards I want. The Opening Day shot of Dodger Stadium and the 100 years of Wrigley card, if not already gone.
Stewart65 said…
Nice! I’m a lifelong Dodger fan and collector and would love to take any you have to spare!
Billy Kingsley said…
There are a ton of people looking for Dodgers on the Database. I saw one person had over 1900 on their wantlist. Hopefully this link works for you:
night owl said…
@John ~ I gotcha on Twitter

@GTT, Crocodile, bryan was here, Stewart65, please send me your contacts at my email contact in the profile. (I may have contacts for some of you but don't remember).

@steelehere ~ I'll see what I have. I suspect you have all the extra Garveys I have but you never know.

@Nick ~ I think I have all the Smokey Bears. I'll set those Hollansworth, Robinson aside, I'm due to send you stuff, too, in fact I know there's a card I was supposed to send you and have totally forgotten what it was.

I will not get to any of this until after the holidays! But I'm happy to get a response!
night owl said…
Oh, and Mike Matson those 2 cards are yours.
madding said…
I don't want any of these... ever! But I feel the exact same way about my team collection, of course.
Matt said…
Because I collect late 90's, any base or inserts from 95-99 I would take
Bo said…
Thanks for thinking of me! Looks like you've got plenty of takers, but happy to relieve you of any leftovers.
BillK21093 said…

Glad you needed at least 78 of the cards I sent you and that you are finding good homes for the the rest.

Spyda-Man said…
I am a NY Mets collector. That being said a few Dodger cards of Mike Piazza & Darryl Strawberry have been known to infiltrate my collection! Loved those guys when they were with the Amazins!!
BaseSetCalling said…
That is one of the best National Chicle cards I have seen. Even if it’s already given away, just knowing it’s in the set makes me want to discount double check my half-box of them for more horizontals in it, and to see if I can detect other cards by the same artist. Glad to see it.