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Standing out

Fans have returned to the stands this season, but it still looks a little empty up there. I don't know what the vantage point is in person, but watching on TV there seems to be a lot of room to roam.

Room enough to perhaps play baseball in the stands. Like they did about 15 years ago.

You don't remember that?

Well, when would Topps not tell the truth? There it is right on your baseball card. A player preparing to take his swings in the stands.

This was a common occurrence on Topps cards between 2005-08. And seeing what you can convince card collectors do these days ("seal your card in plastic forever," "buy this one-of-a-kind digital picture of a card"), I probably could convince someone that MLB was playing baseball in the stands based on just a few cards from this time period.

Pitchers threw in the stands, sailing throws that knocked the nachos out of spectators' hands.

They scooped up hot grounders. You should have seen those fans scramble.
And they batted, too. Oh, the lawsuits. But that was life watching a game 15 years ago.



All part of getting you closer to the game.
Wasn't that Topps' motto?
Anyway, people are always ragging on the poses that appeared on the cards that I collected as a kid. But there was nothing more unrealistic than pretending to play in the stands. At least in the '70s, the players were still on the field.

 Then there is this.


Jordan said…
I always appreciated the 2007-era Braves posed shots in the stands, because they showcase the Braves' Spring Training stadium back when it was at the Wild World of Sports in Orlando. Having worked on that complex a few times in my youth, I remember passing the Braves' facility, including Fredi Gonzalez' parking spot, several times.
Jeremya1um said…
I’ve never seen that Royals combo card. That’s a good catch on all of the cards in the stands. I too recognize the Wild World of Sports complex. Went to a number of Orlando Rays games there in 2003.
When I went to Wrigley Field, it seemed like the game must’ve sold out and we had an empty row in front of us, but the seating areas were kind of in 4 seat blocks in a checkerboard pattern with people, then no people, then people, etc. Kind of reminded me of the feel of some minor league games but was definitely more full than I thought it would be.
Nachos Grande said…
Those palms (?) make a ton of appearances on Detroit Tigers Heritage cards over the years. As soon as I see them, I immediately know I've got a Tiger in hand.
Nick Vossbrink said…
LOL. Any older cards that are posed in the stands? I can only think of the 85 Gooden Box Bottom off the top of my head
Brett Alan said…
Wild stuff. That Ordóñez card reminds me of the airport in Singapore!
BaseSetCalling said…
Tigers live in the jungle. We got it Topps, we got it. For like ten years running, though the theme moved on over to Heritage relatively quickly.

How are 2 Shortstops a Classic Combo, anyway? One plays every day - & one doesn't?
gregory said…
Good eyes, Night Owl! I was pretty far away from collecting during this time frame, so all of the cards you posted here are new to me. Yeesh. Not sure what Topps was thinking. That Ordonez card is just plain odd.
Matt said…
Ordonez reminds me of the hedges that Red Sox players are usually in front of on their Heritage cards. Ironic that Magglio was almost traded to the Red Sox.
bryan was here said… what would be considered a home run??? Hitting it on the field??? Asking for a friend.

Glad to see I'm not the only one who thought card photos in the stands were a bit odd. That classic Dwight Gooden Donruss box-bottom card and the 1987 Topps Football Gary Hogeboom were one-offs. I'm surprised Topps didn't photograph players in the parking lot.

However, some of the 1970 Topps Braves cards look like they were taken in someone's back yard.
Bryan, don't be giving Topps any ideas with the parking lots, lol.
I've never really thought about this before, but yeah these are dumb. Especially the ones with an action pose.
bbcardz said…
The players are back playing in the stands again. Check out the nine Orioles-in-the-stands cards in 2021 Topps Heritage:

and the three Braves-in-the-stands cards in the same set:
Fuji said…
This post is proof that I don't pay enough attention to photographs. I don't think I have ever noticed players in the stands on baseball cards before.