Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I think I'm the beneficiary of a purge

I received an email a little while ago from Scott of Sports Cards Ate My Brain. He said he had a bunch of 2015 Stadium Club off my wants that he was going to send.

"Cool," I said. I like that set a lot. It's about time I got close to finishing it.

Scott didn't lie. He did have a lot of Stadium Club off my wants.

Here they are:

Still very cool.

But, wait, that's not all of it.

OK, there we go.

Thanks to that, I'm less than 10 cards away from the complete set. Time to stop buying SC packs for the one card I need and get the rest online.

But Scott didn't stop with the Stadium Club. He also sent a bunch of 2015 Series 2 needs:

And a bunch of 2015 Update needs:

This is how I was able to complete the Series 2 set at the card show the other day, and how I was able to come within one of completing the Update set.

But that wasn't even half of what Scott sent.

In a totally unexpected development, I saw oodles of other wants in the package, most directly off my want lists (ergo, how I knew they were wants). The cards were separated by a couple of notes, and then there was another note off to the side that I missed the first time.

It said:

That's right. "Please do not send me anything."

I've received this request a couple of times. It's usually not in the form of a plea though. It usually goes, "No need to send me anything," etc. But this -- this -- sounds like a purge.

I put the note and what I received together and that's what I came up with.

But don't go by my conclusion. Judge for yourself.

Also in the package:

A lone 2014 A&G need. A short-print.

A pesky Archives need from last year.

One of those super-cool and super-elusive Archives NBA-retro-style inserts.

Remember these? These are the orange-bordered parallels from Archives from a couple years back. The scanners hate them. I can say they clash loudly with the gold '72-style borders, but unless I have a picture, it's difficult to tell.

There's the picture right now.

That is some creamsicle overload.

While I'm showing cards in threes. Here are three BoChro cards that I needed.

And three Kershaws of various rarity and desirability.

One of the cards from the Koufax retires insert set that I hope to complete before I retire.

Three more Nomos, one a Red Sock, one a rookie and one that is just ragin'.

Speaking of 2002 Fleer Premium (yes, we really were), these two cards complete the team set.

And here are two from '98 Donruss Elite, a set I'm sure I've never seen before in my clutches.

And speaking of that, how about some Hot Button Baseball from 2005? I have never seen a card from this, and then I saw Waiting 'Til Next Year post one of the cards the other day and everyone was all like "you don't see those every day." Well, here's FIVE of them.

Three tributes to legends.

Four golds straight off the list.

These are serial numbered under 50. Gagne is /40 and Gibson /35. I think I might actually have another Gibson, which means I probably should start hoarding.

I adore this card because it pays tribute to the Sportscaster cards of my childhood. But Donruss/Leaf serial-numbered them to just 20 cards apiece (or at least this one is). Sinister.

I confess, I don't know who Danny Mota is. But this is my first autograph card of him!

Rocky Bridges I do know. This apparently was a redemption card from 2011 Lineage. Very cool!

And -- to end it -- a bunch of relics!!!

So, I ask you, is this a purge?

And if it isn't, my goodness, what else is in Scott's brain?

Thanks a whole lot, Scott.

(P.S.: I'll make sure to send you the stamps. We'll just say that's not "anything").


  1. The only logical explanation is that he developed a deadly allergy to Dodgers cards.

  2. I've looking for Pirate Hot Button cards now.

  3. A dealer gave me a free unopened box of Hot Button plus the electronic gadget that you can play the game with. I do have a bit of an allergy to Dodgers cards from the old National League West days. The Donruss Elite are actually from the Donruss Collections set.

    And.... I moved into a much smaller apartment so......

  4. Love the 72-73 Topps basketball design... and those Hot Buttons cards are sweet as well. That's one heckuva package.