Sunday, August 25, 2013


Out of the many people that I have traded with over the last five years, I don't think anyone has done as fine a job of consistently meeting my card needs with each single package than Max.

This isn't to say that I haven't received spectacular packages from others. That would be a tremendous lie. But Max is the only one who every time I open a package from him, the overriding thought is "he gets me."

The cards in these packages usually meet a variety of my collecting needs so efficiently that I can run a checklist here on the blog of my wants and check each of them off with what Max has sent.

Like so:

NIGHT CARD  Checked box symbol

I'm quite sure I have this card already, but I haven't featured it on Awesome Night Card yet. In night card dupe situations, I'd normally put one of these with the night card collection and the other with the 1991 Upper Deck set collection task. But if you think I'm attempting to complete the achingly generic '91 UD set then YOU DON'T KNOW ME AT ALL!

Not like Max does anyway.

DODGER SET NEED  Checked box symbol

At 246 different Adrian Beltre cards, it's sometimes difficult to believe I need another one of his cards. But I do. Both factually and emotionally. They help me deal with the fact that it's been seven years since Beltre has been in a Dodger uniform and if he had stayed, L.A. might have reached the playoffs a time or two more often than it did.

But nooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Instead we were better off with Mike Wilson Nomar Blake Casey Juan Luis Edwards Betimit Garciaparra DeWitt Blake Uribe Cruz.

Yep, that's a horrible name for a third baseman. And now I'm sad again.

CLAYTON KERSHAW  Checked box symbol

Every package that I receive should include a Clayton Kershaw card. Preferably one I don't have already. This is a priority that is growing in importance as the price of Kershaw cards hurtles out of control.

For example:

This card, which I obtained rather easily in 2009, is now a $20 card. I should look at the positive side and think of how well Kershaw is pitching to cause things like this to happen. But instead I think I should get an "I was there first" discount. I know. I've got to work on that.

RETRO SETS  Checked box symbol

The 2003 Retired Signature set is fantastic. And I'm not even talking about any of the signatures. I think Max is my main provider of Dodgers from this set, too. Outside of a couple other people I can think off the top of my head, Max has the goods.

NOMO CARDS I DON'T HAVE  Checked box symbol

Every package I receive is filled with "got it, got it, don't got it, got it, don't got it, got it." This Nomo fell into the "got it" column. That is until I did a "secondary stack review" (please tell me that you all do a "secondary stack review") and I realized -- GLORY BE! THIS IS A NOMO CARD I DON'T HAVE!!!

(*rolls on the floor in joyous elation*)

I am now even closer to 400. And bragging about something that will draw piteous stares from people who know me.

ODDBALLS!!!  Checked box symbol

Max and I are in mutual agreement that oddball cards rule with an iron-yet-benevolent fist. He's always found some great TCMA card for me. And Swell cards are simply swell.

By the way, did you see Vin Scully's press conference and how he was disappointed that Gil Hodges wasn't in the Hall of Fame yet?

Having random baseball fans rag on you for not inducting their favorites is one thing. But when Vin Scully does it, it's time to start moving.

This whole package arrived in a Don Drysdale Sweet Spot tin, which I think I'll save for another post. But it just shows how much Max gets my collecting ways.

Consider this a primer, future trade partners.

Or maybe a Christmas list.

Check it once.  Checked box symbol Check it twice.  Checked box symbol Checked box symbol


  1. I just pulled that very Drysdale from a dollar store mystery pack. Crazy timing. I'll make sure another Dodgers nut gets it.

  2. *blushes* Greg, you are a married man...

    Seriously, I am glad my packages strike such a happy chord with you.