Monday, August 12, 2013

C.A. the review 3 (semifinal 2)

The last couple of Cardboard Appreciation vote-off posts, I've tried to cover some things that have affected me in the hobby that might not necessarily deserve their own post.

But I can't come up with anything this time. I just looked through all of my Allen & Ginter cards -- all two rack packs and a loose pack -- and found nothing. No hits, no blank backs, no different-color printing, no 1/1 cards hidden in the decoys, nothing.

Life's pretty dull when your budget for cards is down to "hey, is that a quarter in my pock --- ah, phooey, just a nickle."

But I'll try to spice things up by telling you in two weeks we'll have a third entrant into the Cardboard Appreciation Hall Of Fame!!!!

Allen & Ginter comes around every year, but there's no guarantee a card gets honored with CAHOF induction every year.

It's very possible that rookie Vida up there will be the third inductee. He won pretty handily this past week to become one of the finalists. I thought the '78 Len Randle card would give him a battle, but it turns out nothing could compare to peaceable Blue.

Here are the voting totals:

1. Vida Blue, 1971 Topps: 34 votes
2. Frank Robinson, 1973 Topps: 13 votes
3. Len Randle, 1978 Topps, 10 votes
4. Gary Carter, 1977 Topps, 6 votes
(63 total votes)

Frank Robinson's whitewash jersey card even snuck in over Randle. I guess that's what happens when you beat up your manager.

So, let's see who will face Blue in the finale:

1. Hank Aaron Special, 1974 Topps

Best feature: Four '60s Aaron cards on a single card!

2. Dave Kingman, 1974 Topps

Best feature: Stands filled with ghostly disembodied heads.

3. Fred Lynn, 1976 Topps

Best feature: Rookie Cup card of first rookie sensation I ever knew.

4. Joe Charboneau, 1981 Donruss

Best feature: Scoreboard tribute to hard-drinking rookie phenom.

There you are.

If you could be so kind to vote on the snazzy-colored sidebar at right, I'd appreciate it. But please choose carefully.

And please don't cut up this post. There is no card hidden inside.


  1. Those were some tough choices. I stuck with the Fred Lynn. I've always loved the trophy cards.

  2. Is that the character from Scream in the back of the Kingman card.

  3. Tough luck with the Ginter. With all them wacky parallels and subsets and such, you'd think it would be hard to strike out. It takes a certain kind of luck, like not picking any of the numbers in kino...

  4. I really, really want to go with the 76T Lynn... but that 74T Kingman is too flippin' awesome.

  5. The Kingman is a work of art, but I'm pulling for local guy, Mr. Blue.