Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The united traders of america

I've been writing this blog for almost 20 months. According to child development experts, your average 20-month-old is just beginning to be able to run. He or she probably can climb stairs by himself/herself, too.

So it sounds like my little blog is finally getting its legs!

But one thing the blog knew how to do from the beginning was trade. I completed my first blog trade about one month after beginning Night Owl Cards, and I haven't stopped since. I don't know how many trades I've completed, but it's definitely hit triple figures.

There are plenty of other bloggers who trade more often, who have more cards, who have better cards, who spend more cash on cards. But I highly doubt that there is one blogger who enjoys the card collecting hobby or cards more than I do. I like the hobby so much that I want everyone else to enjoy it. And the only way I know to get others to enjoy it, besides writing about it, is by trading cards and sharing the joy.

So I agree to as many trades as I can, even though I probably should rein it in a little.

I've always wanted to create a map showing where I've sent cards during my little blog transactions. So here is the map. I have traded with residents of all of the states colored in blue. That's 30 states so far.

That's pretty good, but obviously I have a little work to do.

First of all, how is it possible that I haven't traded with anyone in Virginia? There's got to be a Nationals fan somewhere.

Secondly, I think that big white area in the mountainous region of the U.S. backs my theory that there are precious few Rockies collectors online. I am still very distressed by this. How am I ever going to get rid of my countless Todd Helton cards with almost no penetration in the Mountain Time Zone?

That aside, I'd like to thank all of the folks with whom I have transacted, both in the United States and the great countries of Canada, England and Australia. The night owl says it's been a hoot.

Hopefully by this time next year, a few more of these states will be blue. I don't want to have a single Mountain Man Helton card left by next May.


  1. I'm glad you enjoy the hobby as much as you do and I'm even more glad that you like to share it with the rest of us through the blog. It's one of the best blogs around.

    I'm with you on that Rockies theory. I had a line on a guy to trade all my Rockies cards to and after a couple of emails, I never heard from him again.

  2. Hey Night Owl, I'm from Virginia, Richmond to be exact. I'm an Orioles fan and would love to be your first trade from the Old Dominion State. I just started my own blog too. Head over and check it out, I have a link to my wantlists and my first few posts. Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. Looks like Ryan beat me to it! I'm in Virginia (Gloucester now, but from Newport News - nice to see another VA blogger Ryan, will be adding you to my google reader and my blog roll) and a Nat's fan (just recently), and also a ChiSox fan. Drop me a line and I will be more than happy to trade. This would be my first blog trade, so I am not well versed in how you go about these :)

  4. I've kept track of every trade I've completed as well - I'm guessing my "trader map" would look similar to yours...in fact you've inspired me to check...

    It appears that I'm missing 19 states (Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming). I've only traded with two Canadian provinces (Alberta and Ontario) and only one other foreign country (Australia).

  5. I definitely can't compete with your writing.You are one of the best,but trading and having fun with cards and collecting is high on my list also.You have me curious too!
    Ryan and Alarion,welcome! I'm always looking for Tribe cards and have added you to my blog roll.

  6. Thanks Jack :) I added your trading post site to my blogroll/links and will be adding it to my reader as well. When I get a chance I will see what you have and need. If I don't have any of that, I may get in touch with you and just shoot you over some Indians. =)