Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sick scoreboard card, pt. 5

I have a boss of the very exacting sort.

He's not an easy guy to please. You can work your ass off, produce high-quality work on a regular basis, and if there is one, tiny slip-up on one particular day, he will point out that slip-up and not mention any of the fantastic things you or your staff have done over the preceding months. He's also one of those guys who makes excessive and inexplicable demands. And they're coming fast and furious these days.

Needless to say, he is not my favorite person.

He's no one that I know's favorite person.

But I am going to play the part of my boss right now and not even mention that the Upper Deck photographer snapped a great shot of Nate McLouth leaping in mid-air, or that it shows perhaps the best close-up shot of a scoreboard that I have ever seen.

What I will mention is that:

1. The ball is not in the photo.

2. The scoreboard is not lighted.

So I can only give this card two out of a four possible disembodied hand-claps:

Yes, I know. I'm heartless.

The 2006 Upper Deck card hates me right now. He wants to scream vile things at me. He wants to punch me out. He wants to call me an ungrateful bastard and a slave-driving tyrant. He wants to tell me that he used to enjoy his job, but now the only way he will enjoy his job is if either he leaves or I leave.

I know how you feel, 2006 Upper Deck Nate McLouth card.

I know how you feel.

In fact, I'm changing my rating.

Here's the new one:

Yep, it's the first card to receive 4-out-of-4 disembodied hand claps.

I can live with that. Hey, it IS a great scoreboard card.

And no sense in BOTH of us being pissed off, when at least one of us is trying to be great.

(Thanks for the card, Bud).


  1. It is a beauty isn't it? I feel so honored to receive four disembodied hands--I've got to tell my mom!