Sunday, May 2, 2010

Getting in on some of that awesome $40 card lot action

Thorzul talks a good game. He disdains the trade post, yada, yada. But I'm pretty certain he's over here checking out this particular post. Because his name is being mentioned. And everyone likes to hear their name mentioned, which is one of the reasons why I do trade posts.

A little while ago, he landed a whole bunch of cards for a mere 40 bucks, and he milked that heifer for about 52 posts. But I followed right along because the card lot was filled with Braves and Dodgers. And that's all you have to do to get me to pay attention. All you have to do to make me to watch something awful, like, say, that Dancing With the Stars crapfest, is display Dodger cards in the background. I will be there couch-side every week.

(I know some guys watch Dancing With the Stars under the excuse that they "enjoy the show," and it's an "activity they can enjoy together" with their wife/girlfriend. But I also know that what they are really doing is checking out the hot female dancers or hot female celebrities. And while I enjoy checking out hot female dancers/celebrities as much as the next dude, I absolutely refuse to watch dancing to get in my ogling time. Not going to do it. I have principles. Unless you throw Dodger cards on the show, and then my principles resemble those of your average reality show participant).

I eagerly inquired as to whether Dodgers would be available for my taking. And Thorzul accepted my inquiry. I didn't get a '59 Carl Furrillo or '54 Bowman Jim Gilliam, but I did get some goodies.

So, let's see what I got it. You, too, Thorzul. You can look. It's good for you.

 First, some stickers. These are the last two '81 Fleer Dodger stickers that I needed. I think I have a few doubles of these things now, which means only one thing. I MUST START STICKING. But as an adult, with a home that is controlled by my wife, there are precious few places to stick stickers. I'm going to have to go out and buy notebooks just so I can feature my sticker work.

Final Dodger need from the 1982 Kellogg's set. I'd say my peak years of 3-D fascination were right around 1977-78. So '82 Kellogg's was like the last season of Seinfeld. So past its prime.

I have this card already. I have a couple of them. But this one is in such good shape that it most definitely will supplant either the Sutton in my '75 binder or the one in the Dodger binder.

Not exactly sure what this is. Apparently Fleer did its own take on Goudey, too, like Upper Deck. And that prompts the question: what would happen if Topps started doing sets based on old Upper Deck designs? How would that go over?

If this wasn't the wrong size, you could tell me it was a 1949 Bowman, and I would believe you. My knowledge of old-timey sets isn't all that great. (By the way, it's a reprint from 2001).

I get the feeling there were a ton of Ted Williams Company cards in Thorzul's lot. I received several Dodgers. I like these cards quite a bit. It was a nice set for its time period. I don't know where you could find it, because I never saw any.

Snider almost looks like Walter Alston on this Greats of the Game card. This set is pretty basic, but I suppose if you're an autograph collector, they're great. Good stock and look for autos.

Two more Jackies from the 1996 Upper Deck subset. Only one or two more to go.

As you can see, there was a lot of great Brooklyn Dodger stuff in this package. If you don't know these guys -- and you better -- they are Snider, Hodges, Roy Campanella and Carl Furillo. This is from the 1979 TCMA '50s set, which looks a lot like ...

The 1976 SSPC set, which looks a lot like ...

... the 1979 TCMA '50s set.

Even though the two sets are pretty much interchangeable, they are very cool. This Buckner shot is about as '70s as it gets.

And this Robinson card -- although mildly unsettling as it appears that Robinson is preparing to ward off  unseen zombies in a desolate country field -- is about as '50s as it gets.

Lots of great Dodgers history in these cards, and I thank Thorzul for them. His cards are being packaged up this weekend.

There you are. That wasn't too painful was it? You didn't even have to watch me perform the foxtrot.


  1. Disdain for the trade post? Wash your mouth out!

  2. Excellent! I'm just glad you didn't have to wear a sequin dress to do it.

  3. I'm pretty sure you'll be getting a duplicate of at least one of the cards from this post pretty soon. I'm guessing you won't get too upset over it...

  4. I love those Platinum Power cards. I just picked one up as part of a lot for $1.25 on eBay. I think that was a $20 - $30 card when that stuff first came out.

    The Goudey card is from 1997 Fleer Update. I pulled a couple back when I was opening that stuff at fairly cheap prices for Ortiz rookies. I actually like these better than any of the Goudey sets that Upper Deck has done.