Saturday, May 15, 2010


I was at the big box place yesterday, fully expecting to grab my first packs of Chicle. But the card aisle at Target was just as barren as it was a week-and-a-half ago. Wal-Mart's was, too. Then I went to the card shop to see if they even had Finest in yet. Nope. Next week. Bare shelves directly behind the counter.

This would be very frustrating except for two things. The first is the card shop had switched its basket of oldies packs from '92 Stadium Club, etc., to stuff from the late 1990s/early 2000s, an era that is better known to me as the "why is the baby crying NOW??!!"  period.

I changed a lot of diapers, but I didn't collect at all during this time, so I grabbed 10 packs of stuff. Most of it was Topps Gallery:

This will take care of my artsy fix that I can't satisfy with National Chicle. I like these cards.

I also grabbed a couple of packs of 2000 Chrome and a late '90s Bowman pack. I'll probably open this pack on APTBNL:

My goal is to get more Hall of Shame votes then any other pack that's been opened there. I know that's a tough feat, considering Ricky Martin cards were once featured. But maybe people will get so outraged over the ridiculous parallels that they'll overload the "shame meter."

The other thing that helped ease the frustration of not finding any new stuff is four more card packages arrived in the mail today. Very cool stuff items you'll see later, including more unopened packs.

But those packages remind me that I'm quite delinquent on posting goodies that I've received recently. I have a huge backlog. I really, really, really need to catch up on posting trades. But that's difficult without making an endless string of trade posts. And if I did that, you know, I think I'd be violating some sort of trade post/non-trade post unwritten rule.

You didn't know card blogs have unwritten rules, just like baseball? Perhaps I'll make that into a post. I'll have to consult with Dallas Braden first, though.

OK, speaking of A-Rod, I got some cards from Yankees fan Drew quite some time ago. I love unloading my Yankees and he responded with a few great items. The first I showed already, the 1972 Topps Joe Ferguson card.

This card came with Fergie. I like this '72 team card because the photo was taken from up above and also because I believe that is Dick Allen standing on the left. Any card of Dick Allen in a Dodger uniform is cool.

I was actually excited when the Dodgers acquired Jeromy Burnitz. I don't know what I was thinking.

Another guy who was briefly with the Dodgers, although he played for them twice, so he must've liked it the first time.

This is the card that prompted the trade. These UD Portrait cards look better to me on the blogs than in person. I know it's usually the other way around. Maybe my expectations were too high.

This is a numbered card from Donruss Threads. I like Big D, even if it's on a rather dull design.

Here is the exact opposite. I don't kow if you could ever call Circa "subdued," but the '96 set is a little classier looking than that crazy '97 offering, which looks like a Saturday morning He-Man cartoon.

I hate myself everytime I show 2007 Upper Deck. Just two cards away from putting a stake in the heart of this freakin' thing.

Sorry for the delay, Drew. Many thanks as usual. Even if I still have 50-plus Bryn Smiths sitting in my house.

The next few cards are from Ed of Roll Out the Barrel. I sent him some '88 Topps as he was about the last person on earth who hadn't completed the set.

Instead of a blistering note in response, Ed actually sent me some cards! One of them was this Jackie Robinson insert card from this year's Heritage. I recently received the last two Dodger base cards from this set. So now I'm just looking for the Kemp New Age card and I can be done, done, DONE forever with 2010 Heritage until I have to agonize over buying High Numbers packs.

Two parallel cards of ex-Dodger Orlando Hudson, including possibly the dumbest variation of all-time (yes, I know there are a lot of contenders) with the Ticket to Stardom deckle edge thingies.

Why Hudson basically disappeared from the Dodgers in the latter half of 2009 will be one of the biggest mysteries of last year's Dodger season for me. He was going so well.

Wee! A Toppstown variation Manny that I didn't have!! Getting excited over Toppstown cards is so wrong. But I don't care!!! Toppstown!!!! Yay!!!!!

More variations! They really here to stay aren't they? This one's not too bad. I like the Kemp card. It really stands out.

Upper Deck Elements is one of those sets that is a complete mystery to me. But this card is shiny and numbered and all of a sudden I don't care if I know anything about the set or not. It's called "creating a distraction" card marketing.

Same deal with this set. Garciaparra is not a rookie but he's in a set called "rookie edition." I know this has been explained to me before. But I'm too dense.

I forgot to add this card with the other Topps 206 cards. Blogger's acting weird with photos again, so I'm not about to fix it. But you can see it's another variation, this time on the back. I still can't believe people are chasing these.

See, Ed? You still have some Dodgers for me. Thanks and I'll keep stockpiling Brewers.

OK, the next cards are from Captain Canuck at Waxaholic. The package arrived across the border without a scratch on it this time. Quite impressed.

Please notice the Juan Pierre card. Also note the next two cards:


The good Captain likes to rag on both Pierre and Martin, but these were among the first cards out of the package. Does he harbor secret fondness for both of these guys? I'm intrigued.

Alright, here's a guy that we agree on. No love for Drew, even though he plays for a team I like. You'll note that it is mentioned at the bottom. With Drew in a Dodger jersey. Back doesn't tell you what team jersey bit is featured, although I'm sure it's the Dodgers. UD hopes you don't care about that stuff.

The Captain is paying attention. I've mentioned before my interest in Daubert, one of the greatest Brooklyn Dodgers of the first quarter of the 20th century. Very awesome.

As is his custom, Captain sent along a couple of junk wax packs. One of those packs is always 1990 Donruss. In fact, I think unopened '90 Donruss must be holding up one side of his house.

I opened very little of that back in '90, and I don't mind it as much as a few other junk wax sets. The pack was pretty cool: an early Dave Justice card, Ramon Martinez, Paul Molitor, Dwight Evans. And the O.C:

That's a great card in so many ways. Thanks, Captain. Have fun at the card show.

Final group of cards are from Hackenbush at Can't Have Too Many Cards. I saw this card and instantly wanted it for the Kershaw collection.

I agreed to send some Cubs his way, and then immediately fell into a Cubs drought. I've finally gotten enough to send out, but I think I'm going to have to add Cubs to my list of Most Wanted, which includes Mets, Orioles, Indians and Rays. I don't think Mets will ever get off this list, by the way.

Lots of Lo Ducas in this package. Looks a little dorky in that helmet.

You never would know he is 6-4, 250 pounds by this photo would you? Broxton is finally up to five saves on the season. He didn't get a lot of work early on.

Another man who looks uncharacteristically svelte on this card.

All right, I was going to add one more card, but blogger is pitching a fit. Picture in your mind the 1982 Fleer card that features Fernando Valenzuela, Gary Carter and a smiling guy with glasses in between. (Translator perhaps?) Great early '80s card.

Thanks for all those cards, Hackenbush, and everyone else.

That doesn't even take care of half of what I need to post. Maybe by the time I get caught up, I'll actually get my hands on some Chicle.


  1. Thank goodness, someone is pulling Dodgers.

  2. I've seen Chicle blaster boxes on eBay but none have shown up here in the Houston area at either Target or WalMart. What gives?

  3. I like the Elements set a lot. It's a weird set with each box containing three mini boxes that have different types of cards in them. As far as I know, the same players are in all three sections of the set. There are some cool auto and relic cards in there, but it was the typical Upper Deck product that was too expensive when it came out and was only really viably sold in box form so it left a lot of it sitting no shelves.