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Awesome night card, pt. 84

Dear Topps,

Hi, it's Night Owl. Maybe you don't know me, but I'm thinking that you do. I know you aren't visible on the blogs like you've been on the Twitter, but that doesn't mean you haven't been checking us out.

I envision you periodically strolling through the blogs to get a feel for what the masses are saying. You'd be stupid if you didn't. I mean most businesses pay good money to get this kind of feedback, and you get it for free.

Perhaps you only tour the blogs to get a good laugh. You know, like ballplayers reading their fan mail. "Hey, Chipper, check out what this one said." Maybe you print out some of the posts and stick it on your dart board. Let out a little frustration when someone rips Opening Day or Triple Threads. I hear this one guy keeps trying to find the worst card of the year. I bet you love him.

I'm thinking it goes a little like that. A little laughing and a little note-taking.

And that's why I'm writing to you. Because, tonight, I want to tell you I received the best-looking, most professionally made card that did not come from you or any other corporation ever.

It's the Game Day "Old School" Andre Ethier card that you see on this post. It came from a guy named Topher at Crackin' Wax. He knows I like the Dodgers and Ethier and night cards and he combined all my interests into a single card that made my jaw drop.

When I first saw it, I thought it was one of those Donruss Originals from a few years back. ... Yeah, I said Donruss. ... Stop snickering. ...

OK, I'll wait. ...

All right, sole licensee, done chortling?

Anyway, I quickly realized that it wasn't an older card, but actually a brand new card made by someone who enjoys creating his own cards, usually for autograph collecting purposes.

He does fantastic work. This card resembles a regular Topps or Upper Deck ...


... again with the laughing? Yes, I said "Upper Deck" ... All right, I'll wait again ...


As I was saying, it resembles a regular Topps or Upper Deck card in every way. Not only does the design look just like a 1984 Topps card, but it has the absolute feel of a card. It features a glossy front, and the size  and heft of the card is exactly like any card I pull out of a pack. The thickness is the same and you can't distinguish where the front meets the back.

It's perfect.

Here is the back:

More 1984 greatness on the back. Note the write-up mentions what Ethier does best -- win ballgames.

(If I may mention one point of distress: seeing the Giants listed as the division leader on the back of this card is not pleasant. But it's a tiny thing because I know in the real world the Giants are already pissing it all away in May).

But you also note the attention to details -- the colors and fonts used are the same as those on the '84 cards.

Now, this is just one card. No one is selling anything and no one is trying to challenge your cardboard selling dynasty. Nobody is Panini around here.

More laughing???? What is so amusing??

The reason I'm bringing this up is you might want to consider some of these cardboard creators on your team. Yes, I'm sure you have a terrific design team there, even if some of them are still trying to live down 2007. But I really think you can't go wrong with some of the bloggers here who put so much effort and love into their card creations.

Topher and Big D over at Hey, That's Mine are the best I've seen in person. They're practically at a professional level. Their cards are so good that I include them in my list of cards that I have of certain favorite players. Big D's designs, honestly, swim laps around some of yours.

I've also seen fantastic work from Dave at Goose Joak, slangon at Condition: Poor and Gary at The Infinite Baseball Card Set. Although I haven't seen their cards in person, I hear they're terrific live, too.

And then there is Steve at White Sox Cards, Travis at Punk Rock Paint, Beardy at Mojo & Beardy's Fantastic Card Blog, Jim at GCRL, Doc T at Baseball Card Recollections, deal at Phungo, Jim at The Phillies Room, JT at The Writer's Journey and Jordan at Mint Condition. Can you imagine an idea staff with those guys on it? The sets you could create!

You might want to try contacting a few of us and seeing what some of us could do.

I suppose you're wondering what's in it for me.

Well, nothing really. I don't have the patience to do much of that.

But you could hire me out to write card backs. I know I can write a mean card back. You don't have to worry about nasty typos either. (A little secret: they creep up in your work a little too often). I proof-read my own work. It's a prerequisite of my current job.


Night Owl (a.k.a. nightlite77 on twitter)

P.S.: Bitchin' card, Topher!!!!!!!!!!!!


SpastikMooss said… true. We have some true artists in our midst. And I'm not talking about Topps and UD.
Offy said…
That's pretty sweet. He got all of it down perfectly.

I'd love for someone to put together a site listing fonts for projects such as this one. I know that I could put together a front of a card for a recreation, but the beauty of this card is the perfectly recreated back. That's the part that I'd struggle with mightily.
Anonymous said…
This is what I'm talkin' about when I talk about homebrew! Excellent card!
Anonymous said…
Glad you got your card in good order. You may notice that it curls up a bit. That has to do with the use of two different paper stocks (front gloss, back cardstock). I'm definitely glad you're enjoying it, and I appreciate the huge ups and the kind words!

P.S. Didn't Ethier just walk-off again the other night?
madding said…
Man, I don't know where people find the time, but some of these cards look awesome (on the blogs at least.)
BigD said…
That is a very nice card, love the back. Nice work Topher!
AdamE said…
I know that this is totally off topic but do you realize it has been about a month since you had a poll? So un- wl like...

That is a really great looking cardby the way..
That's a work of art. Thanks for sharing. There are some really talented artists out there blogging.
Dennis said…
Wow. That is incredibly well done. Great looking card.

Lotsa talented folks out there to be sure.
Jim said…
Very cool.

So when and where is the first meeting for the Topps Idea Staff? I can bring pretzels.
Jim said…
P.S. I'm already working on our first project:
Reading reviews of topher's work, singing his praises for his card-making excellence and giving the business to the pros, all in one blog entry? Best damn review ever. And I'd say this, even if topher wasn't my husband. You're one helluva writer.
Kinky Paprika said…
I've been doing a lot of looking at my card collection the past few days (mostly '80s stuff.)
And I swear to God, I thought just this morning, "You don't see that many card shots taken at night. I bet there's some good blog material in that."

Uh ... I think I'll leave that to you, since you've been rockin' the subject for quite a while now.
I am gonna post something on my blog about your blogs, though -- I found them both today and greatly enjoy them.
Sooz said…
Thanks for the link. I read this post and forgot you mentioned these guys.