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My first TCDB trade

Today I received the cards from my first Trading Card Database trade.

I know. You thought I'd never do this.

Well, I sure didn't expect it to happen so quickly, but I never said I'd never trade on the site. I said it wasn't a priority. Cataloging my collection is the best part of that site in my wee opinion. If trades come, I am open to them.

I've started placing some of my extra inventory on the site. The vast majority of that are Dodger cards and it's going to take me probably years to add it all. So I knew that maybe somebody might see something they want, but I had no idea how soon that would happen. It could've been months from now as far as my thinking.

But someone with the handle "yrrcwc" reached out with a minor trade proposal and it was a no-brainer for me. Three of my 2002 Upper Deck Dodgers extras for five cards I need from 2005 Topps. That's why people transact on there. Duh.

These are the cards that I landed:

Not very thrilling. In fact any time I see one of those Draft Pick cards in 2005 Topps I wonder why I'm trying to collect this.

But they fill five holes in the binder, so that's all that counts!

I probably should have waited until the cards I sent arrive at their destination before I posted these. I just mailed them out yesterday. But I couldn't help myself.

I don't expect to be showing off every TCDB deal that happens in the future and I still don't expect them to occur all that frequently. That's because I have less time for trades than ever before. But it's also because I don't see myself being the type to make offers on there. If a deal is going to happen, it's probably going to be like this. But who knows.

There are a bunch of bloggers/former bloggers on the site so I'd welcome some of those deals, too. After all, I know those folks.


Way to go! I was much of the attitude you were -- to let the trades come to me. But I have only about 75 or so cards I don't want. The Trade Matching Report was hugely helpful once I figured it out.
Zippy Zappy said…
That Long card is pretty great considering that he's best remembered for being thrown out at third by a great throw from Ichiro.
Congrats. I received my first offer as well, but I rejected it. The guy had too many negative comments.
It'll take me years to get my keepers listed there. I'm afraid to think how long it take to list all of my for trade cards. But, I do look forward to that being done....someday. Congrats on your first.
Robert said…
Good to see you've broken the ice on TCDB. Hope you have fun trading on the site.
Fuji said…
Congratulations on your first trade. Sometimes I wish I had updated tradelists so I could make some trades. But I don't see that happening anytime soon. But it's pretty cool seeing everyone taking advantage of TCDB and their amenities.
GCA said…
I've made a couple trades on there, even though I don't have much of my stuff catalogued. I just pulled a huge stack for a guy and only want a couple dozen cards back. I said I hope he doesn't mind if I don't enter it all in, but I will if he wants me to.
I pulled a big stack of baseball Cardinals for a guy on there and only wanted a small bunch in return, but he rejected the offer because of the data entry even though I pulled them directly from his want lists, which included a few serial numbered ones.
bbcardz said…
Congrats on #1. Yes, the Trade Matching Report can be a real game changer. If you haven't already, on TCDb, click on your user name in the upper right, then click on 'Collection' in the dropdown menu. Scroll down to 'Trade Matching' (under Reports) and click on it. There you can create your Trade Matching Report (best if you use the filter to show only users who have logged in within the last 30 days).
gregory said…
Nice work, Night Owl! One of the great things about TCDB is that you can make trades at your own pace. There's always the option to decline offers from other members, or work with them until you feel the trade is fair. Here's to more trade successes for you going forward!
Nick said…
I don't see myself trading much on there, mostly because it already seems like it's gonna take forever to catalog my keepers - which makes the thought of cataloging all my *extras* that much more daunting. Seems like a great bunch of folks over on TCDB though, and I hope there's at least a few more trades in your future!
Jon said…
I don't imagine that you'll ever have much trouble finding people to trade with over there.
Bo said…
I've got all my baseball traders logged in, and have started to input my wantlists. The idea was I would start initiating trades when that was done. But I've had a lot of people reach out to me with trade requests, which slows down the data-entry process but the trades have been fun.

There were two times recently where I got a big spurt of requests. One was from junk wax, for the variations. The other time was when I started putting in my late-60s early-70s needs. Both of those brought traders out of the woodwork.
AdamE said…
I tried to make a trade on there once. A guy has the Virdon Heritage Cut Signature 1/1 in his inventory and I tried to trade/buy it but I caould never get him to start to agree to anything. He said he is a Pirate fan so would rather just keep it. I even offered a very very rare Pirates team set minus the Virdon (Clemente included) and didn't get a bite. Probably would have helped if it was a set that existed in TCDB.
mr haverkamp said…
Glad you're on board, sure we'll make some kind of deal soon involving my Dodgers for your Giants!
Benjamin said…
Welcome to TCDB! I love that site!

I've also traded with yrrcwc a couple of times. He's great...tends to reach out first and ship quickly. It can quickly get addicting when you realize how many people have things you need and how easy it is to set up trades. Have stamps and shipping materials ready.