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Getting 2017 straight before 2018 arrives

Does this look like Clayton Kershaw to you?

It doesn't to me. Not really.

I don't enjoy analyzing an artist's work like that. I like my card images to be literal and I know art is often not literal. That's why I prefer photography to painting/drawing when it come to my cards.

On the other hand, I appreciate recent "art sets" like Gallery and Fire and past editions like National Chicle, and the Allen and Ginter inserts. Sure, you're going to find some images that seem way off in sets like that (although Gallery is rather impressive in its consistency). But I like drawings and have somewhat of a drawing background. Anytime a drawer can draw an accurate likeness of a person, I'm impressed.

This card is from 2017 Topps Museum Collection's "Canvas Collection" insert set. It came my way from Henry of Cardboard Greats. He found a handful of cards mostly from my 2017 want lists, which are not exactly in order.

The cards he sent caused me to go in and spruce up those 2017 want lists and add a few sets like Fire and Gallery and that annoying Gold Label (yeah, I need three classes to chase, *rolls eyes*, Topps giving me busy work). I also updated several insert wants from the past year.

I had to do it because it gets pretty discouraging when the new year's cards come out and the previous year's wants are in shambles. I didn't even bother examine the state of my 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, etc., etc., etc., wants because I'd just get depressed and I need to go to work today.

I'm happy simply to get the 2017 wants into shape, thanks to these cards from Henry:

Here are two Alex Wood cards from Update sets. My base Dodgers Update set is now complete. The Heritage High Numbers set is still looking for Kenley Jansen.

This is an insert from this year's Finest called "1994-95 Basketball".

I don't collect basketball cards at all (I'd need to watch a game first). I had no idea there were Finest basketball cards. But, yup, this looks like 1994-95 Finest Basketball.

Here is a 2017 Bowman Chrome need of a prospect that is not part of the Dodgers anymore. He left in the Yu Darvish trade. Wish that could have worked out one game better than it did.

Here is the only card that didn't originate from 2017. It's a 2014 Gypsy Queen need.

In the process of crossing off this want, I realized I still need two short-print cards from 2014 GQ.

And now I'm depressed and don't want to go to work.

Oh, well, could be worse. You could have some random dude critiquing your card artwork.


Fuji said…
I've always liked the "art" sets. Topps Gallery is one of my favorite card lines... and 2010 Topps Chicle is one of the most beautiful sets ever. Kershaw looks a little weird on that Canvas Collection card... but it's still pretty cool. I've been trying to build the 2013 Museum Canvas Collection for years now.