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The ideal time for a massive trade rundown

It occurred to me that I haven't done one of those giant trade posts that everyone loves so much in quite awhile. It also occurred to me that I am on vacation this week. Why on earth have I not realized that vacation is the perfect time for a giant trade post?

Well, other than the fact that Mother's Day is approaching and wrapping presents takes me about two days, the lawn mower is busted and I'm trying to get a new one operational, the cable is acting zooey and tech support even zooier, I've got a half dozen home projects that aren't getting done because I don't have the cash/know-how, my diet/exercise program eats up a tremendous amount of free time ... other than that, I guess I just never thought about it before.

So, let me squeeze in an epic trade post. It'll take my mind of the fact that the guy next door is beautifying his lawn for the second time this week while I'm walking through knee-high grass.

The first cards are from Nathan at Canadian Cardboard. I'm still searching for cards to send back to him. Almost there. I think.

Nathan first got my attention with some Opening Day Dodgers. This is when Opening Day first came out, so you know how long I've been sitting on these cards.

The photo for this card has been used a couple of times by Topps. Here is the other version:

Yup, it's a sticker, but still the same pic. Topps -- you're issuing too many sets if you don't have enough photos to go around. Cropping differently is not a different photo.

Here is the other Opening Day card that caught my eye. I think Billingsley has the 2012 lead for the most parallels in my collection. He's still the same up-and-down pitcher though. Being outshined on his own staff by a couple of "old dudes."

This was totally unexpected. A very nice-looking relic-ticket combo from Ticket To Stardom. Not much of a photo of James Loney, but they kind of had to squeeze in a lot here.

Of course, I had to look up the game on the ticket stub. It was a 3-1 victory by the Dodgers, and Loney was the star of the show! He went 2-for-3 with 2 RBIs and hit a home run in the seventh inning.

Yes, Loney hit a home run. I'm not making it up. Here's the boxscore to see for yourself.

While you're sitting there stunned, I'm moving on to package from Rhubarb_Runner from e rayhahn, rayhahn. Always tricky for me getting transactions down with RR. He's a Twins fan and I can't pull Twins cards worth a damn. I've mentioned this a few times.

So let's look at the cards.

I went 16 years without ever seeing a 1996 Flair card. Now, within a month, I've received '96 Flair from four different people.

Someone, somewhere is running a closeout sale on '96 Flair.

Rhubarb_Runner finds a lot of Shawn Green cards. I HAVE a lot of Shawn Green cards. Hell, there just plain IS a lot of Shawn Green cards.

And here's one to add to my unstoppable stack of Shawn Green relics. I have more Green relics than of any other player.

This one has stitching, which some of you relic fetishists enjoy. I don't personally care. It's a stitch. What's to get excited over?

And while you ponder an answer, I'm moving on again to some cards from Ryan's Pitch.

You already saw the Gypsy Queen Dodgers he sent. He also sent some cards I find a lot more appealing.

Another key piece of the 1984 Donruss set puzzle. The George Brett card brings me down to needing under 30 cards. This could be the next set I complete -- seeing as I haven't gotten my paws on the 2011 A&G Manny Ramirez card yet.

A couple of Platinum shiny parallels of a two key Dodgers prospects. Kyle Russell is in Double Chattanooga, hitting close to .300 after a brief, uninspired trip to Triple A last year. Lee is in high Class A Rancho Cucamonga at 2-2 after seven games.

Chad makes another appearance, but this time with a jersey swatch! Not the greatest-looking jersey cards. Icons was a weird set. But I'm pleased with this card, no doubt.

While you're trying to figure out why there was even a card product called "Icons," I'm going to show you some cards I received from James, a.k.a., dominicfdny.

These cards are vintage in nature, but there was one off my Nebulous 9 list that is not.

I've been waiting for this Topps Mayo card for a long time. I was searching in a mad frenzy when 2009 Heritage was around. Then I forgot all about it until it popped in my head one day, like a puppy I lost long ago.

So glad it's home.

I know this is not vintage. We'll get there. Just wanted to show an entertaining card.

OK, we've reached the vintage portion of the post.

Thanks to these photos, I'm sure kids thought Willie Davis was the coolest cat in baseball back in the early-to-mid '70s.

Now we're talking! A 1964 Topps Dodger need! A palandromic name!

Sandy!!!! And two less important guys.

As you can see, I'm running out of words. So I'll stop now.

I'm a little preoccupied with the lawn right now anyway.

Thanks for all the key cards, people.


Anonymous said…
Hope the cards were adequate exchange for the Twins -- thanks again!
Anthony Hughes said…
Dude, I *still* think Willie Davis is the coolest.