Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hate to cut and run

No time yesterday, no time today. You people with your five-day weekends.

I have about as much time today as the kid who cut out this 1961 Post Wally Moon card. It looks like he started out fairly well up at the top, and then he got called to dinner, or Gunsmoke was starting, and sharp corners were the first thing to go.

This card came from Max. I've already dedicated two posts to cards he sent. So I might as well dump the rest of the cards here and give some other card package a chance for once.

Here are the rest of the goodies:

1994 Sportflics Raul Mondesi. Why do I bother scanning sportflics cards?

2004 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion Brad Penny. I think "baseball player" was about 13th on Brad Penny's list of top career choices.

2004 Topps Chrome Eric Gagne. Someone asked me at work what I have against Jonathan Broxton. That gave me an excuse to launch into the glory of Eric Gagne and Takashi Saito. He was sorry he asked.

2012 Topps '87 mini Adrian Gonzalez. Not sure why this card arrived. I love '75 minis and A&G minis. The rest are just tiny cards.

1992 Pinnacle Idols Reggie Sanders-Eric Davis. Sanders and Davis are six years apart in age. My idols were a lot older than me. That's what happens when you're the oldest child.

1996 Pinnacle Foil Chan Ho Park. I totally wish this card looked like this at all times.

2003 Playoff Portraits Joe Thurston. And I'm out of time.

Got a nice fat day of work ahead of me. After working Memorial Day. And Saturday.

But I'll get all of you "we didn't use all our snow days so we have a five day weekend!" folks back. I have Wednesday and Thursday off!

OK, so that's only two days.

 And it's Wednesday and Thursday.

Sorry, that's all I've got. They're slave-drivers over here.


  1. Maybe the miscut was a creative way to distract from the unibrow?

  2. That isn't a 96 Summit Foil. Foil didn't have all the crazy colors it was just silver foil. I would look up what it is called for you but I am on vacation commenting from my phone which isn't so great for brousing. (or spellchecking...)

  3. The card is silver foil. It just scanned bizarrely blue for some reason.