Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I've probably just upset Cardboard Junkie again

I seem to have this habit of periodically annoying dayf at Cardboard Junkie. I don't mean to do it, but before you know it, I've said something, and there, I've done it. He starts insulting one of my favorite sets, and I say one of his favorite sets can burn for all eternity, and it's ... well, it's weird.

Because except for the Braves, and the ponies, and the fact that I swear sometimes his blog is in a foreign language, I am quite interested in what he puts out there. I don't want to set him off, what if he leaves forever for Twitter? That would be terrible.

But then I go and do something, like, well, like this ...

A little while I go, I landed some Yankee cards that could only be found as a special promotion that went along with a new book release. I thought those four cards might be able to get me something nice that I wanted, and I told people to make me an offer.

I got two offers.


Apparently, Yankees collectors aren't as rabid as I've read. Either that or I've scared them all away from my blog because of few disparaging words I might have made about their favorite team.

But two offers are better than none, and both people offered some cards that I really wanted, so that's good.

But, let me keep you in suspense about that for a moment.

Fast forward to the post in which I was trying to determine the biggest bust and improvement among Donruss sets. Wow, that unleashed a lot of pent-up energy. Donruss totally isn't worth it, but I guess some people take their cardboard seriously.

In the feedback, someone ragged on my favorite Donruss set -- 1984 -- and I fired back. And then dayf started calling '84 the most overrated set since '52 Topps. Not one to back down about affairs of complete inanity, I lashed back by saying 1953 Topps -- a set everyone loves except me -- is overrated.

He didn't like that.

But it's a true feeling. I'm not a big fan of painted sets -- unlike many of my blogger cohorts. I love the '56 Topps set, and after that, you can have all the painted sets. Diamond Kings and all that stuff, take it all away.  1953 Topps is very well-done, it's just not my mug of beer.

OK, now back to the offers.

One of the offers came from dayf, which surprised me. He's not a Yankee fan.

But he offered some good cards.

The other offer came from A.J. at The Lost Collector.

He's a Yankee fan. And I decided to go with his offer.

Here is the main card that swayed my decision:

I know.

I'm a terrible, terrible, terrible night owl. How could I do such a thing? Claim to dislike '53 Topps and then go and accept one offer over another because of a '53 Topps card? What's wrong with me? I should just take my cards and go home because obviously I can't play well with others.

But there is a really good reason why I took A.J.'s offer and not dayf's.

While both featured cards I wanted, A.J.'s card was the opportunity to get something that doesn't come my way very often. 1953 Topps aren't easily found, or as easily found as more modern stuff. Anytime I can cross something off from the '50s -- even something in which all the creases make Preacher Roe look like he's 279 years old --  I take it.

The other reason is A.J. loves the Yankees. It's weird and bizarre, but if I'm going to get rid of Yankees cards, it makes sense to send them to a Yankee fan.

So that's why I did what I did.

It really wasn't done to get dayf riled up, even though it looks that way.

I know this probably means he'll show 50 Brooklyn Dodgers cards that I don't have on the blog sometime soon.

What are you going to do?

By the way, A.J. also sent these cards, among others:

He also sent this card:

A San Diego Padre?

Apparently I've upset A.J. about something, too.


  1. Do blogs have sweeps week?

    Thanks for the entertainment along with my daily dose of cards.

  2. I have no idea how that Padres card got in there. Sorry! And I apologize to whichever Pads fan that was intended for and didn't land in their package. Oy. I wish it was something a bit more repulsive, like a SF Giant or a Nick Swisher card, but at least it was still an NL West team.

    Sorry about that. Anyhow, thanks for accepting my offer. The Yanks cards are definitely appreciated.

  3. sweet mother... ponies are everywhere.................