Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I love it when a plan comes together

Toward the end of my visit to the antique shop, I unearthed a junk wax haven. This is the same place where I nabbed the Major League Writers set.

There was all kinds of stuff from the late '80s/early '90s there. Sealed wax of '91 Donruss, 90210 cards, Score Young Superstars (I actually bought a box of those because it was the 1990 set and I needed the Dodgers. Unfortunately, one of them was missing).

Then, I spied them:

A-Team cards.

From 1983.

3 packs for $1.00

Why I bought only 3 packs instead of the 15 or so that were there is a mystery that they will still be trying to unravel long after I'm gone. But, yeah, I have only three packs of one of the greatest and stupidest shows to ever air on American television.

If you were young, male and breathing in 1983, you loved this hour of senseless drivel.

I was hooked on shows like this back then. "Emergency" begat "CHiPS," which begat "The Dukes of Hazzard," which begat "Greatest American Hero," which begat "The A-Team." There was probably a lot more begatting in there, too, but I was more interested in explosions and crashes than sex back then. So forget the gal falling out of her top on the wrapper there and find me some WRECKLESS DRIVING!!!!

I will be opening one pack of this here. And one pack on A Pack To Be Named Later. The other pack is for my own private viewing. So there.

There better be lots of explosions and crashes in this one:

#11 - No Sweat

Hannibal right out of the gate. The plan is coming together nicely.

These cards are straight out of the TV Series Card Formula that was going strong in the late '70s/early '80s (think Star Wars, Close Encounters, Charlie's Angels, etc.). Just pick a random photo, throw a catch phrase from the show at the bottom and pretend like the two go together.

#48 - On With The Mission

A priest toting a semi-automatic weapon. This was the height of comedy for The A-Team.

#43  - Roll Out!

I'll say it again, "Roll Out!"

We have our first crash!

Goodness, the photo quality sucked then.

#4 - Crash!!!

Crash!!! With three exclamation points!!!

It wasn't an A-Team episode without at least one vehicle going through a building. In fact, we expected at least a half a dozen per show. We really hated architecture.

#54 - Mad Man!

Pretty boy Face. A while back, I picked my major league baseball A-Team. I'm sticking to my choices. Steve Garvey would make an excellent Face Man.

STICKARRRR!!!!! No. 6!!

Apparently posing in the basement of an underground jail.

Let's take a look at the puzzle piece on the back:

Ah, it's the lovely Amy, who lasted about a season-and-a-half. George Peppard didn't take too kindly to females hogging dialogue on the show.

#28 - Move It Or Lose It

OK, the GMC van makes an appearance. This pack is a success.

#20 - Pretty As A Picture

Oh, no, it's her again. I like you, Amy, but don't let Peppard see you around.

#50 - Crashing The Gates

Imagine, they drive a jeep right through the fence! That has never happened before on the show. Ever.

#63 - Two Cool Customers

I'm getting very distressed that this pack has barely featured a card of Murdock.

#19 - Ready For Action!

Peek-a-boo! Spoke too soon! Murdock was the best.

This card also features a nice gum stain on the back.

Unfortunately, that's the end of the pack.


I have a half a mind to drive back to my folks' town and buy up the remaining packs and see if I can complete the set.

Maybe I'll crash through a few fences on the way there.


  1. All those shows were great. I loved CHiPS. I remember getting in a fight with my older brother because he said the guy on The Greatest American Hero looked like a girl.

  2. Awesome, I collected this set when I was young (or at least the European version), brings back great memories !

  3. ^^^^ US cultural hegemony FTW!

  4. I pity da foo' dat don't go back an' pick up dem otha packs!

  5. Johnny gage and Roy desoto were the coolest dudes on tv. In fact, aside from the '6 million dollar man' episodes in which Steve Austin fought bigfoot/Andre the giant, the episode of 'emergency' with the spitting cobra might be the greatest hour of television to have been produced in the 70s.

  6. Dodgers catcher Matt Treanor is currently using the A-Team song as his at-bat song. Not joking.

  7. That Pretty as a Picture card just screams 1980s!!! The pose, the hair, the clothes. Great stuff.

  8. Dude, you should have bought them all. I regret passing on some cheap Pro Set MusiCards ten years ago...that mistake will haunt me to my grave.

    And I still enjoy the drivel...thanks to Netflix!

    JT, The Writer's Journey