Thursday, June 23, 2011

Please don't make me beg ...

It's been over a month since I pulled this card and I still have it.

Do you know how quickly this card would have disappeared from my clutches about two years ago? I would have had it for a week. Tops. There were about a dozen Mets bloggers at the time. I owed Mets collectors constantly. I couldn't keep Mets in stock, and I was afraid collectors were going to figure out a way to put a lien on my house.

But things have changed. Just about all of the Mets bloggers have disappeared, or died off, or come to their senses, or something. There are a few around, but not in the numbers they were before. I find my Mets cards sitting on the shelf collecting dust.

But nothing illustrates the lack of interest in Mets cards like this David Wright Gypsy Queen relic card.

When I pulled it, I said it would take a Dodger Gypsy Queen relic card to get me to agree to a trade.

I didn't really have any takers.

It's a great-looking card. Of a popular Met.

I suppose this is how far relics and the Mets have fallen.

So, I'll make things a little more agreeable in a buyer's market. I'll settle for a Dodger relic or auto from any recent issue. Within the last couple of years, but the more recent the better.

Anybody have something like that? As always, Kershaw, Kemp, Ethier and Billingsley are most appreciated.

Come on, I know everyone has given up on the Mets, but this is getting ridiculous.

It's David Wright. Remember him?

He's no Casey Blake. But you know you want it.


  1. I'll take it off your hands.... Done deal!

  2. wow...I completely missed that...I would have picked something up for you had I caught that.

  3. Wicked, you got it. But let me know what you can send for it.

  4. I think the shame has set in once more... they got a little cocky for a season or two, but now it's back to whatever rock they live under.
    It might be near the Giants fans...

  5. Don't feel bad, I have the same card and can't get rid of it. Most people want my Derek Jeeter relic, but not the Mets card. Go figure.

  6. I too totally missed that one, darn.