Monday, June 27, 2011

Cards from normal traders

Did you read about that study from a few weeks back? Something about Facebook users getting a skewed view of how much fun people are having "elsewhere" and becoming depressed about their own mundane, boring lives?

It's true that sometimes interaction through the intertubes can give you an altered perception of reality. Take my favorite topic lately, the Diamond Giveaway site. If you did all of your trading through that site, you would think that trading is a cynical exercise, one whose only goal is getting a lot of something for a lot of nothing.

I'd say about 97 percent of the trade offers I get on the site are like that. Either that or a lot of people have an awfully inflated idea of what an '87 Mike Schmidt is worth. Meanwhile, I rarely can get any card that I want on the site unless I offer something of obvious greater value for it.

That is how I received the Andre Ethier Diamond Diecut card yesterday. I gave up the Tommy Hanson diecut and a couple other cards that were nice, but not in my area of interest. Looking at it objectively, the unknown person with whom I traded got the better of the deal. But I'm a Dodger fan, so you can't convince me of that at all. I ruled on this trade. I totally wasted that trader! I'm awesome! They suck. I rule. Party dance commences now ...


Trading outside of the giveaway site is something entirely different. Almost all of my trades come with fellow bloggers. And 97 percent of them operate under the much more sane, normal and pleasant philosophy of "give your trade partner something he likes, and get something you like in return." There is no card counting, adding up of book value, or judging whether the cards you're sending are too mojorific and will forever make you a laughing stock in whatever vicious collecting circle in which you reside.

To illustrate, here are few cards sent to me by respective bloggers in response to some pathetic cards that I sent to them. And I didn't send them pathetic cards in an effort to hoodwink anyone. It's just that I have pathetic cards and nobody has caught on yet.

Cards from: Derek of Tomahawk Chopping - Cardboard & More.
What I got: Some 2011 Bowman Dodgers including this gold parallel of today's starter Chad Billingsley.
What I gave up: Some Gypsy Queen cards. I can't even tell you what they were.
Who "won" this trade: There are no winners and losers in this deal, pal. Go back to Diamond Giveaway land.

Cards from: Johnny of Cards From the Quarry
What I got: Some 2008 Timeline cards for my ridiculously futile completion quest. Has anyone completed '08 Timeline? Anyone?
What I gave up: Some Rockies cards and some rookie cup cards (cool collection).
Who "won" this trade: Again, this is not the correct way of looking at trades, but if you insist, I did get this:

Floating heads! I can't help but be a winner when I obtain a couple of disembodied heads!

Cards from: Alfredo of My Pastime ... I Love It!
What I got: This handsome Shawn Green bat card from Leaf Certified, and some other cool Dodgers, including Sweet Spot Maury and Dandy Don, and a '93 Select Eric Young that I've needed for way too long.
What I gave up: It's been awhile, I can't even tell you. I know there were some Marlins in there. A Gaby Sanchez bat card.
Who "won" this trade: I'm not even going to address this question anymore.

Cards from: Chris of Nachos Grande
What I got: This tremendous black mini of Andre Ethier from Gypsy Queen, and some '90s Dodger needs.
What I gave up: A couple Gypsy Queen framed Reds cards and stuff from Chris' many want lists.
Who "won" this trade: Did someone say something? I didn't hear a thing.

Cards from: Shane of Shoebox Legends
What I got: This terrific Sandy Koufax 2011 Topps insert (yes, I know saying "terrific" and "Sandy Koufax" in the same sentence is redundant).


The Shoebox has been my source for Billingsley cards since 2009. I don't know how the guy does it.

What I gave up: Some Red Sox, including a Heritage Chrome of the creepy looking Clay Buchholz.
Who "won" this trade: I think I'm going to have to take care of somebody out back.

But before I go, many thanks to all of the people with whom I've traded. Over the years, you've taught me how trades should operate:

Help out a fellow trader. The rest will work itself out.


  1. I am inspired. You'll read about it tomorrow. Or not, I won't assume you'll read it.

  2. Great post.. I appreciate your take on trading and the giveaway site!

  3. Great post as usual. I have the Ethier Diamond Die Cut wating for me on the Diamond Giveaway site and keep getting crap trade offers for it. Also, awesome Green bat card.

  4. The beginning of this post was very insightful. I am continually blown away by how impressive your writing skills are.

  5. Great post and I actually did complete the 08 Timeline set. Bought way too many packs and spent way too much on singles but was able to knock it off. I think I included everything I had off your want list in our first trade. Good luck knocking that one off!

  6. Your package arrived safely yesterday, I have a post coming as soon as I can find 30 seconds of free time. Wait, I just spent 5 minutes reading that post! Good stuff.