Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Heritage days

The second part of the package I received from smed is a puzzler. It's a heaping helping of Heritage from '09 and '10, two sets that depict two of my favorite Topps designs from the distant past.

But how to present cards from two years ago that everyone has seen? How to find something new to say?

Combine that with my hectic schedule this week and I couldn't exactly sit in the middle of the room until an idea arrived.

I was flummoxed.

Ah, what the hell:

Words are overrated. Any jackass can write a sentence.

Thanks, smed.

(P.S.: Those of you thinking that it had to take longer to scan those cards than to come up with a topic obviously don't have a blog).

(P.P.S: Those aren't even all the cards).

(P.P.P.S: In light of my recent declaration that I'm more of a team collector, especially with modern-day sets, I don't know how I reconcile that with receiving 400 Heritage cards).


  1. Uncle. I give. You've beaten me into submission.

    But not until I finish my trade posts with you. Just a few more.

  2. I'm blind...and my neck hurts. You are a Bastardo (ha, best name ever??? maybe). I can't tell you how many of those John Mayberry Jr. cards I've gotten because people think its a Rangers card.

  3. What a post...but I have to be THAT guy. This is actually 2008 and 2009 Heritage. I actually have tried to forget last year's 1961 based set, but I loved the 2008 set based on the 1959.

  4. Good post, I just wish you would've included some pictures of the cards.

  5. And if you didn't tilt your head when it got to the 2009 (1960) cards, you're not a Heritage fan like I am.

    Also, I really need to finish off at least the non-SP's from these sets.

  6. Even for team collectors, I believe there is a Heritage Exception. Very nice stuff indeed.