Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cardboard appreciation: 2009 Upper Deck OPC B.J. Upton

(Weeeee! It's another round of training at work! Those of you on summer vacation, remember those of us who are staring at four windowless walls this week. I'm sure I'll daydream about baseball cards at some point in there. Time for Cardboard Appreciation. This is the 118th in a series):

I received this card twice over the last week. One from Brian at Play at the Plate and one from Johnny at Cards From the Quarry.

It's one of the many charming cards from the OPC set from a couple of years ago. Johnny also threw in the Edinson Volquez card from the set. Both Upton and Volquez were two of the final five cards that I needed to complete the set.

And then there were three ...

#274 - Scott Feldman
#413 - Marcus Thames
#418 - Justin Duchscherer

A Ranger, a Tiger and an A. That shouldn't be too difficult.

However, when I do complete it, it will be a significant occasion. And here's why:

I don't know when I'll complete another set.

Oh, I know, Allen & Ginter is coming soon, and I've already pretty much announced I'll be collecting the set. But I still have reservations that I'll actually go through with completing the whole thing. The look is still not winning me over. And it's not taking a lot for me to turn my back on a set these days.

There are other older sets out there that I'm working on, but I think those are going to take quite some time before completion. So, like the next 300-game winner (or maybe not, but you get the idea), 2009 OPC could be the last set I finish off for a long, long time.

I should do something to commemorate the big event. What should I do? Show every card on one blog post? Start a 2009 OPC blog? I just feel like I should do something.

This set collector feels like he's turning into a team collector -- at least when it comes to modern sets. That is big news. BIG news.

Eh, maybe I'll just have a beer. That seems appropriate for OPC.


  1. as a set collector who's pretty much turned team collector... I feel your pain.
    Thanks to you I finished my 09 OPC and yes, it may be the last set I complete for a very long time.

    unless of course we start talking hockey ;)

  2. Beer! Do it! Do it now!

    Have you ever regretted buying a retail box or several packs of cards? Have you ever been frustrated with trades and endless duplicates?

    Have you ever regretted drinking a beer? Have you ever been frustrated by sharing a beer with a friend or consuming multiple beers in one night?

    That's what I thought...

  3. I feel that I am a set collector turned team collector as well. But that is mainly because I never had a team growing up.

    I will still work on the occasional set...I have completed Heritage and Opening Day this year so I guess for now I am a hybrid set/team collector.