Sunday, June 19, 2011

Awesome night card, pt. 114

Amid all the work business that will not end, I received this card from Brian at Play at the Plate.

He basically admitted he was sending me a crap card, because he attached a note to the penny sleeve housing this card that asked: Worst Night Card Ever?

Brian knew that this was a challenge. I knew that this was a challenge. But I don't have time for challenges these days. Challenges require research, eloquence, charts, graphics, notarized statements and a whole lot of caffeine. I have none of that. Not even the last item because I definitely need sleep.

So, you're out of luck, Brian.

I did manage to find this:

A card from the same set and a previous Awesome Night Card. This night photo is just as bad, but people will let it slide because of the demented idea of what constituted a uniform in San Diego in the late '70s.

The point is there are lots of "bad" night cards. Photo quality was a problem at night back when.

But then I looked at another card that Brian sent:

Is this any better than the Thompson card? I mean for a daytime photo, it's really not great. Bowman isn't helping with that giant facsimile auto taking up a third of the card.

Still not doing it for me, just because you're shiny.

OK, you've got me. Blue refractors will do it every time. I take back everything I said. This is a fantastic card.

This where your suspicions that this is really a trade post are confirmed. No hiding it now. You got me. Here are some more awesome day cards from Brian, scanned haphazardly.

One more black-bordered OPC Dodger off the list.

Final card. I want this guy to succeed so desperately that I'm willing to become his trainer, administer, shall we say, "power boosts," and serve jail time because I won't testify against him.

OK, not really. But Dee Gordon really needs to be good now. The Dodgers are getting beaten by the Astros. Drastic measures need to be taken.

Thanks for possibly the worst night card ever (but not really), Brian.

Happy Father's Day.


  1. I'm glad I was able to end that Blake Smith run on a high note!

    After dealing with the Rangers ownership issues last year before they were sold to the Ryan group, you have my deepest sympathies. It's hard to watch your favorite team stuck in a whirlpool of ownership suckitude. It's a word. I just made it up.