Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bastard out of Albuquerque

I received my yearly set of Albuquerque Isotopes cards from Kris yesterday.

They're always great fun.

So after another lengthy work day-night, I pulled the cards out of their team bag, shuffled past the cards of coaches and trainers, and eyed the very first player card.



There is a Bastardo with the Dodgers?

(Insert too obvious Frank McCourt joke here).

I rolled my chair over to my rolltop desk (what? You think I walk like a commoner?). I grabbed the cards I had just scanned from that Heritage windfall and leafed through them.

Bastardo. Bastardo. Bastardo. Bastardo. Bastardo. Bastardo. Bastardo. Ah ... here it is!

Antonio. From the Dominican.

Alberto. From Venezuela.

After a couple more moments of review, I deduced:

Yup, they are two different guys!


I don't know how I didn't know this before.

Two Bastardos?


Topps, I sense a combo card opportunity.

If you won't do it, maybe we can resurrect Fleer for one last Superstar Special:

Two crazy Bastardos
Two lucky Bastardos
Two sick Bastardos

Or, in true Fleer SS fashion (picture Ozzie Smith and Lonnie Smith together on an '83 card):

Hermanos Bastardos.

I suppose Alberto needs to do his job and get the majors first.

More cards from Kris on the way. There might be some bastardos in those, too. I'm not sure. I don't know them that well.


  1. Me, with my weird mind, thought of "Bastardos In Love" - a tribute by Black Flag to love between two young pitchers from Latin America...

  2. Those guys are a couple of real hardcore Motherf....never mind. This is a family blog.

  3. Ha! I love it. I vote for Crazy Bastardos.

  4. Could be worse. Could be an Eval Bastida.