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Dollar-store find

When I look back on my favorite card moments of 2009, I think Friday will rank in the top 10, if not the top 5.

For starters, Topps '09 made a triumphant reappearance back in my neighborhood with the arrival of blasters and jumbo packs. Good things really do come to those who wait. I went with two jumbo packs, but I don't think I'm going to show them here. I needed almost all of the cards and I pulled 6 Dodgers (Ramirez, Park, Kemp, Kuroda, Sweeney and Campanella Legends of the Game), but I think you've seen 'em all by now.

I think this officially means I'll have to put together an '09 Topps want list in the next few days.

But for me, the bigger news was finding baseball cards at the dollar store across town. I often whine about how more dollar stores and drug stores should carry cards. When I was a kid, you couldn't find a drug store that didn't have cards. Now, you can't find one that does. Meanwhile, I'll find cards periodically at dollar stores, but not very often.

My wife told me about seeing cards at this one dollar store that I've never been in. I checked it out this afternoon and after going up and down each aisle without seeing a thing, I found them, tucked behind some boxes. Hanging on hooks were a number of air-tight, Ziplock-like bags with 40-50 cards per bag. After some evaluating, I was pleased with what I saw. These weren't '91 Fleer or '88 Donruss or unlicensed junk. These were mostly cards from the mid-80s.

Now, I realize almost nothing from the '80s is worth anything, but I hope you know me enough by now that I don't care about that. What I do care about is finding cards I don't have. I have a bunch of cards from the '80s, but I have very few Fleer cards from the mid-80s. And the bags were packed with Fleer from 1983, '84 and '85 (three fantastic years in my life, by the way).

Each bag was $1. I bought 10. So, for 10 bucks, I came home with 440 cards, most of which I didn't have. There were plenty of duplicates among the cards, but that didn't both me a bit (if you're collecting one of these sets I might have some cards for you). Some of the cards are very cool, so I'm going to show them and list them here.

Also, they snuck some football cards in with the baseball cards. I don't collect football cards. So, with the exception of two cards, which I'll mention later in the post, I'm giving away the football cards. All you have to do is be the first one to comment and say you want the football cards. If I don't have your address, you also must be the first to email me your address as well as comment, or you don't get the cards. If you have traded with me before, then I have your address already and a comment will do. All of the football cards are from the mid-90s and are in very good shape, except for 4 or 5 that got stuck together.

Even though the cards are mostly from the mid '80s, they actually range from as early as 1980 to as recent as 1996.

Each of these bags kind of have their own personality, so I'll summarize each one before listing them.


The bags featured one card on the front and one on the back. Many of the bags featured the 1991 Nolan Ryan Pacific tribute set on the front. Bag One was loaded with '84 Fleer and almost exclusively Angels and Mets.

1. Nolan Ryan Tribute, #83, 1991 Pacific
2. Bruce Kison, Angels, 1984 Fleer
3. Ron Jackson, Angels, 1984 Fleer
4. Andy Hassler, Angels, 1984 Fleer
5. Ken Forsch, Angels, 1984 Fleer (2)
6. Tim Foli, Angels, 1984 Fleer (2)
7. Brian Downing, Angels, 1984 Fleer (2)
8. Doug DeCinces, Angels, 1984 Fleer (4)
9. Bobby Clark, Angels, 1984 Fleer
10. Jamie Allen, Mariners, 1984 Fleer

11. Mookie Wilson, Mets, 1984 Fleer (2)
12. Mike Torrez, Mets, 1984 Fleer
13. Walt Terrell, Mets, 1984 Fleer
14. Craig Swan, Mets, 1984 Fleer (2)
15. John Stearns, Mets, 1984 Fleer
16. Rusty Staub, Mets, 1984 Fleer
17. Doug Sisk, Mets, 1984 Fleer (2)

18. Jesse Orosco, Mets, 1984 Fleer (2)
19. Jose Oquendo, Mets, 1984 Fleer (2)

20. Ed Lynch and 21. Dave Kingman, Mets, 1984 Fleer. There is a nice shot of Dodger Stadium on Lynch's card, something gcrl can appreciate. The look on Kingman's face is great.

22. Scott Holman, Mets, 1984 Fleer
23. Ron Hodges, Mets, 1984 Fleer (2)

24. Keith Hernandez, Mets, 1984 Fleer. Awesome!

25. Danny Heep, Mets, 1984 Fleer (2)
26. Brian Giles, Mets, 1984 Fleer (2). I pulled cards of two different Brian Giles today. I also pulled a Turkey Red Brian Giles of the Padres out of one of my '09 jumbo packs. What are the chances?
27. Carlos Diaz, Mets, 1984 Fleer (3)
28. Hubie Brooks, Mets, 1984 Fleer (2)


I selected this bag because of the Nolan Ryan card on the front. I like any card of Ryan in a Mets uniform. Almost all of the rest is 1984 Fleer. Mostly Royals and Cubs this time.

1. Nolan Ryan Tribute, 1991 Pacific, #15
2. Jim Barr, Giants, 1984 Fleer
3. Willie Wilson, Royals, 1984 Fleer
4. Frank White, Royals, 1984 Fleer
5. John Wathan, Royals, 1984 Fleer

6. U.L. Washington, Royals, 1984 Fleer. I just posted on him here.
7. Paul Splittorff, Royals, 1984 Fleer (3)
8. Don Slaught, Royals, 1984 Fleer (2)
9. Joe Simpson, Royals, 1984 Fleer (2)
10. Pat Sheridan, Royals, 1984 Fleer
11. Leon Roberts, Royals, 1984 Fleer (2)
12. Steve Renko, Royals, 1984 Fleer
13. Dan Quisenberry, Royals, 1984 Fleer (2)
14. Greg Pryor, Royals, 1984 Fleer

15. Gaylord Perry, Royals, 1984 Fleer (2). Hee. I just sent this card to dayf, and now I have two of them.

16. Rick Burleson, Angels, 1984 Fleer (2)
17. Bob Boone, Angels, 1984 Fleer
18. Gary Woods, Cubs, 1984 Fleer (2)
19. Steve Trout, Cubs, 1984 Fleer

20. Lee Smith, Cubs, 1984 Fleer
21. Dick Ruthven, Cubs, 1984 Fleer
22. Chuck Rainey, Cubs, 1984 Fleer (2)
23. Mike Proly, Cubs, 1984 Fleer
24. Keith Moreland, Cubs, 1984 Fleer
25. Jerry Morales, Cubs, 1984 Fleer (2)
26. Carmelo Martinez, Cubs, 1984 Fleer (3)
27. Craig Lefferts, Cubs, 1984 Fleer (2)

28. Ferguson Jenkins, Cubs, 1984 Fleer
29. Jay Johnstone, Cubs, 1984 Fleer
30. Leon Durham, Cubs, 1984 Fleer


This bag is key for two reasons. The first is the Don Mattingly card that was showing on the front. The second is that it is filled with 1986 Fleer. I collected none of this set, so almost all of it is new to me. I came across several Dodgers that I needed, too, even after getting several through blog trades (still need a few).

1. Don Mattingly, Yankees, 1988 Score
2. Britt Burns, White Sox, 1986 Fleer
3. Floyd Bannister, White Sox, 1986 Fleer
4. Juan Agosto, White Sox, 1986 Fleer
5. Max Venable, Reds, 1986 Fleer
6. Dave Van Gorder, Reds, 1986 Fleer
7. Jay Tibbs, Reds, 1986 Fleer
8. John Stuper, Reds, 1986 Fleer

9. Mario Soto, Reds. 1986 Fleer. I haven't looked up the figures, but I am under the impression that this guy killed the Dodgers. I hated it when he was listed as the starter when the Dodgers and Reds played.

10. Gary Redus, Reds, 1986 Fleer
11. Joe Price, Reds, 1986 Fleer
12. Ted Power, Reds, 1986 Fleer
13. Frank Pastore, Reds, 1986 Fleer
14. Ron Oester, Reds, 1986 Fleer
15. Eddie Milner, Reds, 1986 Fleer
16. Andy McGaffigan, Reds, 1986 Fleer
17. Wayne Krenchicki, Reds, 1986 Fleer
18. Tom Hume, Reds, 1986 Fleer
19. Nick Esasky, Reds, 1986 Fleer
20. Bo Diaz, Reds, 1986 Fleer
21. Buddy Bell, Reds, 1986 Fleer
22. Jim Slaton, Angels, 1986 Fleer
23. Daryl Sconiers, Angels, 1986 Fleer
24. Ron Romanick, Angels, 1986 Fleer
25. Gary Pettis, Angels, 1986 Fleer
26. Kirk McCaskill, Angels, 1986 Fleer
27. Al Holland, Angels, 1986 Fleer

28. Bobby Grich, Angels, 1986 Fleer
29. Craig Gerber, Angels, 1986 Fleer
30. Ken Forsch, Angels, 1986 Fleer
31. Brian Downing, Angels, 1986 Fleer
32. Doug DeCinces, Angels, 1986 Fleer
33. Stewart Cliburn, Angels, 1986 Fleer
34. John Candelaria, Angels, 1986 Fleer
35. Juan Beniquez, Angels, 1986 Fleer
36. Terry Whitfield, Dodgers, 1986 Fleer

37. Bill Russell, Dodgers, 1986 Fleer
38. Jerry Reuss, Dodgers, 1986 Fleer
39. Tom Niedenfuer, Dodgers, 1986 Fleer (needed)
40. Mike Marshall, Dodgers, 1986 Fleer
41. Carlos Diaz, Dodgers, 1986 Fleer
42. Enos Cabell, Dodgers, 1986 Fleer (needed)
43. Greg Brock, Dodgers, 1986 Fleer
44. Bob Bailor, Dodgers, 1986 Fleer (needed)
45. Dave Anderson, Dodgers, 1986 Fleer (needed)
46. Butch Wynegar, Yankees, 1986 Fleer
47. Bob Shirley, Yankees, 1986 Fleer

48. Billy Sample, Yankees, 1986 Fleer
49. Andre Robertson, Yankees, 1986 Fleer
50. John Montesfusco, Yankees, 1986 Fleer


Lots of Super Star Specials from '84 Fleer in this bag, which is enjoyable. But a boatload of Mariners as well, which is not.

1. John Montefusco, Yankees, 1985 Fleer
2. Gaylord Perry, Super Star Special, 1984 Fleer

3. George Brett and Gaylord Perry, Royals, Super Star Special, 1984 Fleer. A cool card. It is miscut on the borders, which is an exception for the cards I bought. Most are in great shape.

4. Lance Parrish & Bob Boone, Super Star Special, 1984 Fleer (2)
5. Dan Quisenberry & Tippy Martinez, Super Star Special, 1984 Fleer (2)

6. Steve Sax, Dodgers, Super Star Special & 7. Dickie Thon, Astros, Super Star Special, 1984 Fleer. These are those cards that you put together like a puzzle. I already have both of these cards, so I could tape these two together if I wanted to. (I had a devil of a time trying to line them up on the scanner).

8. Al Oliver, Expos, Super Star Special, 1984 Fleer (2) (another pairing, this time with Tim Raines, but I didn't get the Raines card).
9. Steve Garvey, Padres, Super Star Special, 1984 Fleer (2)

10. Fred Lynn, Angels, Super Star Special, 1984 Fleer (Me in 1983: "Whitey! Whitey! Hammaker's got NOTHING! He sucks! Take him out. Take him OUT! What are you doing? Awww, damn).

11. Richie Zisk, Mariners, 1984 Fleer (2)
12. Matt Young, Mariners, 1984 Fleer
13. Ed Vande Berg, Mariners, 1984 Fleer
14. Roy Thomas, Mariners, 1984 Fleer
15. Rick Sweet, Mariners, 1984 Fleer (2)
16. Bob Stoddard, Mariners, 1984 Fleer (2)
17. Ron Roenicke, Mariners, 1984 Fleer (2)
18. Pat Putnam, Mariners, 1984 Fleer
19. Spike Owen, Mariners, 1984 Fleer (2)
20. Ricky Nelson, Mariners, 1984 Fleer
21. Mike Moore, Mariners, 1984 Fleer
22. Orlando Mercado, Mariners, 1984 Fleer (2)
23. Steve Henderson, Mariners, 1984 Fleer
24. Dave Henderson, Mariners, 1984 Fleer (2)
25. Al Cowens, Mariners, 1984 Fleer (2)
26. Bryan Clark, Mariners, 1984 Fleer
27. Bill Caudill, Mariners, 1984 Fleer (3)
28. Tony Bernazard, Mariners, 1984 Fleer (2)
29. Nolan Ryan Tribute, 1991 Pacific, #208


Mostly 1985 Fleer, made notable by a rookie card and a Hall of Fame pitcher.

1. Brad Gulden, Reds, 1985 Fleer

2. John Franco, Reds, 1985 Fleer. Rookie Card. Also, Sandy Koufax's name spelled as "Kofax" on the back.

3. Tom Foley, Reds, 1985 Fleer
4. Nick Esasky, Reds, 1985 Fleer
5. Dave Concepion, Reds, 1985 Fleer (2)

6. Cesar Cedeno, Reds, 1985 Fleer (2)
7. Greg Walker, White Sox, 1985 Fleer
8. Mike Squires, White Sox, 1985 Fleer (2)
9. Dan Spillner, White Sox, 1985 Fleer (3)
10. Roy Smalley, White Sox, 1985 Fleer

11. Tom Seaver, White Sox, 1985 Fleer. Sweet!

12. Bert Roberge, White Sox, 1985 Fleer (2)
13. Tom Paciorek, White Sox, 1985 Fleer (2)
14. Gene Nelson, White Sox, 1985 Fleer (2)
15. Greg Luzinski, White Sox, 1985 Fleer
16. Vance Law, White Sox, 1985 Fleer (4)
17. Rudy Law, White Sox, 1985 Fleer
18. Ron Kittle, White Sox, 1985 Fleer
19. Marc Hill, White Sox, 1985 Fleer (2)
20. Jerry Hairston, White Sox, 1985 Fleer
21. Scott Fletcher, White Sox, 1985 Fleer
22. Jerry Dybzinski, White Sox, 1985 Fleer (3)
23. Richard Dotson, White Sox, 1985 Fleer
24. Britt Burns, White Sox, 1985 Fleer
25. Floyd Bannister, White Sox, 1985 Fleer
26. Checklist (Blue Jays-Yankees front) (2)
27. Checklist (Expos-A's front) (3)

28. Checklist (Royals-Cardinals front). Hey, the Royals and Cardinals played in the '85 World Series. How did Fleer know?

29. Nolan Ryan Tribute, 1991 Pacific, #52


This is the first bag with football cards. I was kind of tricked into buying this bag because of the last card in the post. I saw that card, and I wanted the bag.

1. Ken Griffey, Yankees, 1985 Fleer
2. Ray Fontenot, Yankees, 1985 Fleer (3)

3. Erric Pegram, Falcons, 1994 Topps Finest. See? Nice. Most of the football cards are snazzy.

4. Steve Emtman, Colts, 1992 Upper Deck
5. Errict Rhett, Buccaneers, 1995 Collector's Choice

6. Trent Dilfer, Buccaneers, 1995 Collector's Choice. I miss Tampa Bay's creamsicle uniforms.

7. Garrison Hearst, Cardinals, 1994 Classic Games (2)
8. O.J. McDuffie, Dolphins, 1993 Pro Set
9. Shannon Sharpe, Broncos, 1994 Pacific
10. Ricky Watters, 49ers, 1994 Select
11. Ricky Waters, 49ers, 1994 SP
12. Junior Seau, Chargers, 1997 Pinnacle
13. Dave Krieg, Cardinals, 1995 Score
14. Chris Hnton, Falcons, 1992 Stadium Club
15. Mel Gray, Lions, 1992 Stadium Club
16. Alvin Wright, Rams, 1992 Stadium Club
17. Scott Galbraith, Browns, 1992 Stadium Club
18. Chris Mims, Chargers, 1992 Stadium Club
19. John Friesz, Chargers, 1994 Playoff
20. Dave Brown, Giants, 1995 Pinnacle
21. Rod Woodson, Steelers, 1993 Pinnacle
22. Curtis Conway, draft pick, 1993 Classic Games
23. Jamal Mashburn, Mavericks, 1995 Collector's Choice (an NBA card? What's that doing in here?)
24. Desmond Howard, Redskins, 1995 Pinnacle Zenith

25. Deion Sanders, Falcons, 1993 Pinnacle
26. Chris Warren, Seahawks, 1993 Pinnacle
27. Ricky Watters, 49ers, 1993 Pinnacle
28. Browning Neagle, Jets, 1993 Pinnacle
29. Henry Ellard, Redskins, 1994 Classic Games
30. Dave Brown, Giants, 1994 Classic Games
31. Ricky Ervins, Redskins, 1995 Pinnacle Zenith
32. Errict Rhett, Buccaneers, 1995 Topps
33. John Friesz, Redskins, 1994 SP
34. Garrison Hearst, Cardinals, 1994 Select

35. Mike Schimidt, Phillies, 1988 Topps All-Star set. Yup, that's why I got stuck with all those NFL cards.

Another round of NFL cards, mostly because this card was on the top:

1. Rickey Henderson, A's, 1982 Fleer. How can I resist that?

2. Carlos Baerga/Gary Gaetti, 1993 Donruss Spirit of the Game
3. Ivan Rodriguez, Rangers, 1994 Leaf Limited

Super shiny. I'm guessing Spiff already has this card.

4. Edgar Bennett, Packers, 1994 Pacific
5. Steve Bono, Chiefs, 1996 Topps Laser (these are weird cards)
6. Rob Moore, Cardinals, 1996 Topps Laser
7. Quentin Coryatt, Colts, 1996 Topps Laser

8. Jim Kelly, Bills, 1994 Pacific. I'm keeping this card. Even if he did throw too many passes into triple coverage.

9. 1994 Pacific Crown Checklist
10. Natrone Means, Chargers, 1995 SP
11. Charles Johnson, Steelers, 1995 SP
12. Ricky Watters, Eagles, 1995 SP

13. Charles Johnson, Steelers, 1994 Collector's Edge. The scan doesn't show how totally translucent this card is.

14. Bam Morris, Steelers, 1995 SP
15. Desmond Howard, Redskins, 1994 Collector's Edge, 1st day
16. Mark Rypien, Redskins, 1994 Collector's Edge, 1st day
17. Craig Erickson, Buccaneers, 1994 Collector's Edge, 1st day
18. Chris Warren, Seahawks, 1994 Collector's Edge, 1st day (2)
19. Ricky Watters, 49ers, 1994 Collector's Edge, 1st day
20. O.J. McDuffie, Dolphins, 1994 Collector's Edge, 1st day
21. Raghib Ismail, Raiders, 1994 Collector's Edge, 1st day
22. Alonzo Spellman, Bears, 1992 Pro Line, Rookie Gold
23. Robert Porcher, Lions, 1992 Pro Line, Rookie Gold
24. Robert Harris, Vikings, 1992 Pro Line, Rookie Gold
25. Terrell Buckley, Packers, 1992 Pro Line, Rookie Gold
26. Mel Gray, Lions, 1993 Score Select
27. David Klingler, Bengals, 1993 Score Select
28. Randall Cunningham, Eagles, 1993 Score Select
29. Desmond Howard, Redskins, 1993 Score Select
30. Herman Moore, Lions, 1993 Score Select
31. Amp Lee, 49ers, 1993 Score Select
32. Reggie White, Eagles, 1993 Score Select

33. Daryl Johnston, Cowboys, 1996 Topps Finest Playmakers. This is the other football card I am keeping. Johnston played high school football for a team I used to cover.

34. Jim Harbaugh, Colts, 1996 Topps Finest Sterling
35. Scott Mitchell, Lions, 1996 Topps Finest Playmakers
36. Phil Hansen, Bills, Topps Finest Destroyers
37. Pepper Johnson, Browns, Topps Finest Destroyers
38. Sean Dawkins, Colts, Topps Finest Playmakers
39. Jeff Herrod, Colts, Topps Finest Playmakers

Mercifully, it's all baseball from here on out. This is entirely 1984 Fleer and packed with Pirates. But I bought the bag for the card on the front.

1. Gary Carter, Expos, 1984 Fleer (3). "The Kid"! And three of him. Great.

2. Ray Burris, Expos, 1984 Fleer
3. Marvell Wynne, Pirates, 1984 Fleer
4. Lee Tunnell, Pirates, 1984 Fleer
5. Jason Thompson, Pirates, 1984 Fleer (2)
6. Gene Tenace, Pirates, 1984 Fleer (3)

7. Kent Tekulve, Pirates, 1984 Fleer (2). I haven't forgotten about doing a "best glasses in the history of baseball cards" countdown for non-Topps cards. Will Tekulve defend his title? You'll have to see.

8. Rod Scurry, Pirates, 1984 Fleer
9. Manny Sarmiento, Pirates, 1984 Fleer
10. Don Robinson, Pirates, 1984 Fleer
11. Rick Rhoden, Pirates, 1984 Fleer (2)
12. Johnny Ray, Pirates, 1984 Fleer
13. Tony Pena, Pirates, 1984 Fleer (3)
14. Jim Morrison, Pirates, 1984 Fleer (2)

15. Dave "The Cobra" Parker, Pirates, 1984 Fleer

16. Larry McWilliams, Pirates, 1984 Fleer. Another one of those cards that shows a player holding up one of his own cards, like Pete Falcone in '82 Fleer.

17. Lee Mazzilli, Pirates, 1984 Fleer
18. Milt May, Pirates, 1984 Fleer
19. Lee Lacy, Pirates, 1984 Fleer (2)
20. Richie Hebner, Pirates, 1984 Fleer
21. Cecilio Guante, Pirates, 1984 Fleer
22. Jose DeLeon, Pirates, 1984 Fleer (2)
23. John Candelaria, Pirates, 1984 Fleer

24. Jim Bibby, Pirates, 1984 Fleer. Never mind Bibby's disappearing right arm. Look what we made players wear in the early 1980s! What was wrong with us? What was wrong with them? Why didn't they revolt?

25. Dale Berra, Pirates, 1984 Fleer (3)
26. Denny Walling, Astros, 1984 Fleer (4)
27. Nolan Ryan Tribute, 1991 Pacific, #82


Except for one Ryan card, it's all 1983 Fleer. One very key card in here.

1. Tim Lollar, Padres, 1983 Fleer
2. Ruppert Jones, Padres, 1983 Fleer
3. Tim Flannery, Padres, 1983 Fleer
4. Juan Eichelberger, Padres, 1983 Fleer
5. Dave Edwards, Padres, 1983 Fleer
6. Dave Dravecky, Padres, 1983 Fleer
7. Luis DeLeon, Padres, 1983 Fleer
8. Floyd Chiffer, Padres, 1983 Fleer
9. Juan Bonilla, Padres, 1983 Fleer
10. Kurt Bevacqua, Padres, 1983 Fleer

11. Terry Kennedy, Padres, 1983 Fleer. You didn't think I'd get through that run of Padres without showing the "Swinging Friar" logo, did you?

12. Milt Wilcox, Tigers, 1983 Fleer
13. Lou Whitaker, Tigers, 1983 Fleer

Here is the key card of the bag. I would've been happy walking out of the store with just this card.

14. Pat Underwood, Tigers, 1983 Fleer
15. Jerry Ujdur, Tigers, 1983 Fleer (2)
16. Elias Sosa, Tigers, 1983 Fleer
17. Dave Rucker, Tigers, 1983 Fleer
18. Roy Lee Jackson, Blue Jays, 1983 Fleer
19. Garth Iorg, Blue Jays, 1983 Fleer
20. Alfredo Griffin, Blue Jays, 1983 Fleer
21. Jerry Garvin, Blue Jays, 1983 Fleer
22. Jim Clancy, Blue Jays, 1983 Fleer
23. Barry Bonnell, Blue Jays, 1983 Fleer
24. Jesse Barfield, Blue Jays, 1983 Fleer
25. Eddie Whitson, Indians, 1983 Fleer
26. Rick Waits, Indians, 1983 Fleer
27. Andre Thornton, Indians, 1983 Fleer

28. Rick Sutcliffe, Indians, 1983 Fleer (2)
29. Dan Spillner, Indians, 1983 Fleer
30. Lary Sorensen, Indians, 1983 Fleer
31. Jack Perconte, Indians, 1983 Fleer
32. Larry Milbourne, Indians, 1983 Fleer (2)

33. Bake McBride, Indians, 1983 Fleer. One of my favorite players as a kid. His 1975 Topps card with the rookie cup is one of my all-time favorite cards.

34. Von Hayes, Indians, 1983 Fleer (2)
35. Ron Hassey, Indians, 1983 Fleer
36. Toby Harrah, Indians, 1983 Fleer
37. Mike Hargrove, Indians, 1983 Fleer
38. Ed Glynn, Indians, 1983 Fleer
39. Mike Fischlin, Indians, 1983 Fleer
40. Jerry Dybzinski, Indians, 1983 Fleer
41. Nolan Ryan Tribute, 1991 Pacific, #206


This bag had the widest range of cards, in terms of years, from 1980 Topps to 1996 Donruss. I don't know what Donruss was thinking with its '96 design. That box is just in the way. The 1980 Topps aren't in fantastic shape, but they're not terrible either.

1. Ed Sprague, Blue Jays, 1996 Donruss
2. Dave Veres, Astros, 1996 Donruss
3. Tim Bogar, Mets, 1996 Donruss

4. Andy VanSlyke, Phillies, 1996 Donruss. I have no memory of VanSlyke playing for the Phillies.

5. Randy Veres, Marlins, 1996 Donruss
6. Sean Bergman, Tigers, 1996 Donruss
7. Mark Grudzielanek, Expos, 1996 Donruss
8. Joe Girardi, Rockies, 1996 Donruss

9. Billy Ashley, Dodgers, 1996 Donruss. That's another Dodger card that I don't have!

10. Scott Sanders, Padres, 1996 Donruss
11. Angelo Encarnacion, Pirates, 1996 Donruss
12. Scott Servais, Cubs, 1996 Donruss
13. Steve Sparks, Brewers, 1996 Donruss
14. Ozzie Timmons, Cubs, 1996 Donruss
15. Greg Zaun, Orioles, 1996 Donruss
16. Sid Roberson, Brewers, 1996 Donruss
17. Gerald Williams, Yankees, 1996 Donruss
18. Frank Rodriguez, Twins, 1996 Donruss
19. Allen Battle, Cardinals, 1996 Donruss
20. Jay Bell, Pirates, 1996 Donruss

21. Marquis Grissom, Braves, 1996 Donruss
22. Kevin Stocker, Phillies, 1996 Donruss
23. Joe Boever, Tigers, 1996 Donruss
24. Gary DiScarcina, Angels, 1996 Donruss
25. Vaughn Eshelman, Red Sox, 1996 Donruss

26. Wade Boggs, Red Sox, 1988 Donruss. OK, there was one '88 Donruss in the lot. But at least it was a Hall of Famer, and a card I didn't have (yeah, I really don't have the entire 1988 Donruss set. No, I don't want any of your doubles).

27. James Steels, Padres, 1988 Topps
28. Jay Tibbs, Reds, 1985 Topps
29. Bob Tolan, Padres, 1980 Topps
30. Pat Underwood, Tigers, 1980 Topps
31. Bob Galasso, Brewers, 1980 Topps
32. Rodney Scott, Expos, 1980 Topps
33. Terry Whitfield, Giants, 1980 Topps
34. Fred Norman, Reds, 1980 Topps

35. Sal Bando, Brewers, 1980 Topps
36. Lynn McGlothen, Cubs, 1980 Topps
37. Mickey Klutts, A's, 1980 Topps
38. Greg Gross, Phillies, 1980 Topps
39. Don Robinson, Pirates, 1980 Topps
40. Paul Hartzell, Twins, 1980 Topps
41. Jose Cruz, Astros, 1980 Topps
42. Shane Rawley, Mariners, 1980 Topps
43. Jerry White, Expos, 1980 Topps
44. Rick Wise, Indians, 1980 Topps

45. Steve Yeager, Dodgers, 1980 Topps
46. Jason Bates, Rockies, 1996 Donruss

I guess what this rundown shows is that you really can get 1980s cards very cheaply, and that anyone who thinks they're going to get rich on '80s cards should be taken to this dollar store and shown how much their valuables are going for. Exactly 2.2 cents per card.

But to me, you can't put a figure on 1980s cards. They're priceless in a number of ways. The '90s cards are cool, too, I guess. But I'll let those go a lot sooner than I let go of the '80s cards (and I'll let the '80s card go sooner than I let the '70s cards go).

I'm just glad I found a place that's selling 50 cards for a buck. Kind of like the drug stores of not so long ago.


Jeffrey Wolfe said…
I'll take dibs on the football cards. Wow you made out like a bandit. I would've killed for dollar bags of mid eighties Fleer. Well done sir.
night owl said…
OK, Jeff, they're coming your way!
Anonymous said…
your 86 fleer cards (blue borders) are mislabeled as 85, but I'm picking nits. :)

Good stuff. Got any Red Sox?
night owl said…
Whoops. Yup, thanks, Ben. I fixed it.

Very few Red Sox in what I picked. Just two in the last bag. But the good news is there are a ton more at the store.
stusigpi said…
Someone has to say it. Mid 80's Fleer-jo. Those are some nice cards. For a dollar. Good lord.
Dinged Corners said…
Well, neat. The Keith Hernandez card looks exactly like the Keith of the notorious Zapruder Seinfeld episode. The Seaver card is excellent. As for Bobby Grich, he is a swift and tidy TTM signer.
zman40 said…
If I sent you $10, how many of these could you pick up and send to me without losing money? The check is already written.
madding said…
I wouldn't mind taking any of the '85 Fleer doubles off your hands if you're willing. I've been fascinated with that set since I was a kid and have never really had the guts to actually start buying packs.
Greg said…
Wow, that was amazing. You are going back to that store and buying up the rest of the packs today, aren't you?
night owl said…
Zman, yeah, I can get several bags for you if you want. As long as they're still there.

madding, I'll send you the '85 Fleer doubles.

Greg, I'll definitely be going back. Wish I could today, but life is kind of in the way today.
Spiff said…
Wow! Great snag. You're right, I already have the Pudge. If we work another trade again sometime though I'll take it anyway. Very nice pickups, wish my dollar store carried cards.
capewood said…
Van Slyke came to the Phillies in June of 1995, about 2 months after I moved from Philly to Texas. He played 63 games with the Phils before he retired at the end of the season.
Dubbs said…
I'll double the "i'll send you $10 if you pick some up for me" sentiment...also, what store? We stopped at the "Dollar Tree" this afternoon, no luck...
night owl said…
Dubbs ~

The store is called the Real Deal. There are a few of them, but I don't think they are outside of New York state.

If you send me an email with your address and the cash, I'll get some, as long as they're still there.
LanceBurnitz said…
Any of those 96 Donruss up for trade? I know that I have a Ring of Honor Johnny Podres somewhere in my 08 Topps stack. E-mail me at