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Non-cards that fit naturally into my collection

I've said many times that I try to keep my collecting to cards. There's not enough room for extras like memorabilia and bobbleheads and various knickknacks. Besides, a lot of that stuff doesn't appeal to me.

But if you know the code, i.e. what makes me tick, then you might be able to find an "in" into my collection without throwing cardboard pictures at me.

I've got two examples.

Recently, I received an email from a blog reader, Stephen, who said a few nice words about my blog and offered up something that he thought would fit nicely into my collection.

That is a custom-made 1975 Topps-themed box. Am I tempted to pull my entire '75 Topps complete set out of its binder and throw it into this box? Yes, yes I am.

This box is 1975 through-and-through with all but the bottom panel containing a color combo from that year.

Side panels.

End panels.
Open the box and another '75 Topps color theme greets you.

I used a card sample at the top of the post to reflect all of the color combos used on the box.

Stephen said he started creating custom boxes to add some color and proper Topps tributes to the old, boring white storage boxes. He said the general box layout is based on the 1986 Topps factory set design (there was no factory set in 1975).

He also provided print-out pictures of his other Topps set-themed boxes, from 1970-85.

1970, 1971, 1972, 1974

1973, 1975, 1976, 1977

1978, 1979, 1980, 1981

1982, 1983, 1984, 1985

Now, this would be an excellent space-saving device. Imagine moving all of these sets from my binders into these boxes. A very colorful alternative!

However, I probably can't do that. I like binder-viewing too much.

I could put my 1975 Topps buyback set into this box, I wouldn't have to worry about the cards getting nicked as almost all of them are in off-condition shape. But I've also gotten kind of addicted to filling page slots in that particular quest.

So, for now, this will be a nice display item that simply screams, "this is night owl's collection!!!"

OK, the other non-card item I just received also contains a 1970s theme.

Yup, another Penguin accoutrement.

This 1978 7-Eleven Slurpee cup arrived from Jim, you know, the guy who traded me the last card I needed to finish the 1956 Topps set.

That write-up is a little painful. But very '70s!

The cup is now displayed on a shelf in my card room that contains items like this. They're mostly Ron Cey items because he's about the only player for which I'll accept stuff like this. The Penguin's my limit.

Most -- not all -- of my non-card Cey collectibles.

So there you are on this fine holiday weekend (it's just a regular weekend off for me, back to work tomorrow). Nothing too hardcore and super carefree ... just like the 1970s.


Jeremya1um said…
Those boxes are beautiful. Imaging what a complete run of Topps sets would look like in those!
Those boxes are genuine art work.
Absolutely fantastic. Make sure your readers knows we all agree.
Nick Vossbrink said…
Not a box guy but yeah If you're going to do boxes that's 100% the way to do them.
Old Cards said…
Very nice boxes! Your statement that there was no factory set in 1975 jumped out at me. All this time I had assumed there was always a factory set available because you could always order a complete set from ads in baseball magazines. Wrong!! First factory set 1974 and then not again until 1982. So how did card companies get complete sets to resell?
Matt said…
Just gotta love the creativity people have! Stephen's boxes are awesome!
Billy Kingsley said…
Love the box! Does he perchance do NBA or NHL boxes? Or original Star Wars?
Unknown said…
Hello I was looking up everything in sports cards that I've inhabited and overwhelmed to say the least.but I happened upon your blog apparently and I see that the checklist cards and the checklist cards that you were looking for that you were interested in were the old from 1975 I have every single team summer white background some are the blue and yellow orange or yellow background some teams don't even exist anymore
Unknown said…
I apologize I did not leave my name my name is Shawnna and I inherited these not inhabited that's ridiculous. I figured I have enough baseball football hockey basketball cards here that I can hopefully get a car that's what I'm hoping for I've got cards from the '80s and '90s some '70s I'm just overwhelmed this is not my forte but damn some of these card s are expensive
Fuji said…
I like binders for the handful of vintage sets that I own, but these storage boxes are so attractive... if I owned them, I'd be tempted to switch.
Jon said…
Those boxes look really good. I've seen similar ones for older non-sport sets on eBay before; often selling for way more than I would've expected.
Stephen said…
Hey Greg,

Thanks so much for the comprehensive plug! I was hoping you'd enjoy that. And for everyone who has commented on the '75 box, thank you for the very kind words. It was a labor of love. If anyone's interested in purchasing any of these custom boxes (plus many others I have for sale - Donruss, Fleer, Leaf, Topps Traded/Update), you can find me here:

Happy collecting, all!
Michael said…
Those boxes are the Bomb!
Jafronius said…
Those boxes are really cool. Put your '75 duplicates in it!