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The last card, update 3 ... and an update on the 1993 UD blog

It's been very bleak outside all day, just dark, grim, wind howling, the worst conditions for taking photographs of baseball cards.
I'm also still recuperating from yesterday's work day, a pretty exhausting and challenging one. So, there won't be too much effort in this post. I hope you still find it interesting.
I've wanted to add onto the blog more "last cards"' for the sets I've completed. The last update was more than a year ago. I keep trying to finish this project off all in one more post, but -- oops -- I've completed so many sets, I can't make the post that long.
So, you'll see another one of these in the future. Probably another one after that.
Like always, I'll add these "last cards" to the original "last cards" post I did two years ago.
So here are the latest final cards to arrive for me to finish a set:

1979 Kellogg's
You just saw these guys in October. In fact, I'll be mentioning this set completion again shortly during the end-of-the-year post. Kind of stepping on that post's toes here, but that's how tired I am right now.

1981 Coke

Another set completion from this year. Griffey and Zachry were the last two, if you don't count the team checklists, which I probably should. I just need that facial confirmation that I've completed a set.

1980 Baseball Immortals

These short-prints were the last four cards I needed to finish the much-adored-by-me 1980 SSPC Baseball Immortals set. Grabbed all off an ebay seller. Super-proud of this binder still.

2008 Topps Heritage

Not my favorite set completion of the year but probably my greatest feat just because Heritage makes it so damn impossible every year. It took me 14 years and several heart-to-heart talks for me to finish this set. The Nationals card was the final card in somewhat of a letdown.

1983 Fleer

Naturally the final card I needed for that set was one of the three big rookies from 1983. I wasn't too happy I had to spend double-figures to get this pretty common card. But that's ancient history now.

1976 Hostess

I completed this set around this time last year. Rod Carew, very pesky, was the last card I needed. This was such a challenge I haven't done much with the other Hostess sets. I should make that a project for 2023.

2013 Panini Hometown Heroes
The final three cards I needed to complete the non-variation portion of the Hometown Heroes base set. This set is complete yet it's the only one of my completed sets that I have not put in a binder yet. I don't have a good explanation for that.

1988 Fleer

I love it when the last card I need for a set is someone forgotten by time. No, it's not frustrating at all, no matter how much I've carried on about that in the past. It's much better than having to shell out for one, last-remaining star.

1991 Topps

A few set completions from the early days of the blog now. The Walt Weiss and Eddie Whitson cards came from Bo of Baseball Cards Come To Life! and they were the final two cards I needed to finish '91 Topps.

1981 Topps

This White Sox team card was the last card I needed to wrap up '81 Topps and I believe it was the most recent team card to finish a set of mine until 2008 Heritage.

1986 Topps
Oh the trouble I had scanning cards back in the days. ... Joe Orsulak was the final card I needed to complete '86 Topps. I moaned about it so much a fellow blogger (Johngy) sent me four of the card to shut me up.

1984 Donruss

I finished 1984 Donruss at Christmas time exactly 10 years ago. A Dodger was the last card I needed, although all I did was pluck a dupe from the Dodgers dupes box to fill the hole.

1993 Upper Deck

Jose Lind was one of six cards that finished off the iconic 1993 UD set. Two of the other cards were Dodgers that were already in my team collection and three other cards were ones I had previously owned. So the Lind card was more special to me when it appeared.

Speaking of 1993 Upper Deck, this is a little reminder that the '93 Upper Deck blog is still coming. We're now less than a month away from it's debut.

I did a tiny bit of testing on the blog earlier today after ignoring it for months. I still haven't really committed to the content on there yet, but I'll get there. It'll probably be like my other set blogs, but hopefully I can find something to spin it different.

Thanks for reading. (Some of you will see this after my head has hit the pillow. (*yawn*))


Jeremya1um said…
Did the ‘08 Heritage set include the ‘high number series’ as well? I knew you were getting close on that part of the set.
night owl said…
It doesn't include the high number series ... yet. There's a story on that coming.
Nick said…
Congrats on all the set finishers! '91 Topps must look fantastic in a binder. (Very much looking foward to the '93 UD blog as well!)
sg488 said…
I always loved getting that last card to complete a set,it always gave me a sense of completion and closure.
Jon said…
I wasn't collecting baseball back in 1993, and have only ever owned maybe 2-3 cards from the UD set, so I suspect that I'll be seeing a lot of those cards for the first time on your upcoming blog.
Fuji said…
Hope you got the rest you needed... and congratulations on completing all of these sets.
Now that I'm addicted to Night Owl blog and TCDB, both ressurecting my love of cards, I'm rescuing my collection from boxes to see what I have.

My first (and only as far as I can tell) set that I have completed is 1991 Leaf. Not my #1 goal, but not '95 Fleer either.

I think I'm going to next work on the sets that I love - starting with 1980 and work my way backwards. I've been finding '72s at my LCS like crazy and TCDB tells me that I'm only 60% complete - how can that be?

NO - I have so much respect for you- there are many more cards in each set than it seems. Fantastic job!
RunForeKelloggs said…
I love you commitment to completing sets. I am jealous that you've gotten the 1976 Hostess set done.
John Bateman said…
There are some amazing cards in the 1991 Topps set - that have not been replicated since - and I not sure why