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Saying goodbye to the '90s one set at a time

While I was posting all those wonderful cards shipped my way by Jonathan, I was undergoing a separate project on the side.

You see, almost one entire column of the big box that Jonathan sent were Dodgers cards from the 1990s. And because I was not collecting for most of that decade and because there were so many sets issued then, it takes a long, long time to figure out what I need and what I don't from that decade.

Frankly, I'm a little sick of it. It's one of the reasons I'm pulling away from team collecting somewhat and focusing on set collecting. I can focus on two or three sets at a time. But a bunch of Dodgers from 120 different sets from the '90s? I don't even have the time to make want lists for that stuff anymore. Also, why should I be spending the most time on the period that I care about the least?

I'd like to be rid of '90s Dodgers sets for good. Most of them don't mean a lot to me. So I was happy to see that the cards from that box completed several team sets for me. I was able to say goodbye forever to several '90s sets:

The last two Dodger cards I needed from the 1995 Fleer Ultra set. GOODBYE FOREVER, 1995 ULTRA!

The last two Dodger cards I needed from the 1995 Pacific set. FAREWELL, 1995 PACIFIC!

The final two Dodger cards I needed from 1995 Leaf Limited. ADIEU, 1995 LEAF LIMITED!

The last remaining Dodger cards I needed from 1999 Bowman's Best. SO LONG, SCANS HORRIBLY 1999 BOWMAN'S BEST!

The last two Dodger cards I needed from 1995 SP Championship Series. ADIOS! 1995 SP CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES! SEE YOU WHEN I LOOK UP WHAT DIECUTS I NEED .... MAYBE!

The final Dodger card needed from 1996 Pinnacle Summit. It's card No. 1. SAYANORRA, 1996 PINNACLE SUMMIT!

The last Dodger gasp for 1999 Upper Deck Retro. A FOND FAREWELL, 1998 UPPER DECK RETRO!

The fantastic Dodger finale for 1997 SP. A SHINY, SHINY SEE YA, 1997 SP!

So it feels really good to finish off all of those 1990s team sets and never return to them again. I'm sure there are some parallels or inserts or what-not from those sets, but ask me if I care. I do not. I care about completing that 1978 Kellogg's set, that's what I care about.

Those weren't the only '90s Dodger cards that Jonathan sent that I needed. There were several others that got me closer to finishing off even more '90s team sets. I very well could have finished more, I just didn't have time to look into all of them. But here are some more sets that I can't wait to kiss off ... er, bid farewell.

1999 Stadium Club

1994 Leaf Limited (very close on this one).

1997 Pinnacle Prism

1998 Skybox E-X 2001

1998 Pinnacle Invincible

1995 Flair

1995 Pinnacle Zenith

1998 Pacific Online (oh, man, I'm gonna have a party when I finish this one).

1996 Circa

1995 Bowman

1998 Pacific Aurora

1998 Donruss Elite

1998 Leaf Rookies & Stars

1998 Pacific

1995 Select Certified

1994 Bowman's Best

1995 Pacific Prism (sorry about blinding you there for a moment).

1994 Fleer Update

And 1996 Collector's Choice

All of those were cards I needed and I can't wait to see those sets in my rearview mirror. Goodbye confusion! Goodbye foil!

There were just a few other Dodger needs in the box that didn't fit neatly into the '90s:

That '79 O-Pee-Chee Rhoden knocked my socks off amid all those '90s cards. This is where my heart flutters and where collecting is at for me, right now, in 2019.

Finishing off all those '90s Dodgers sets is nice -- you know, some of them are appealing enough because they're flat-out crazy -- but mostly completing them means I am finally closing that chapter and moving on.


TSHenson said…
I can totally relate with your plight, but I am trying to add team sets of the Indians from the 90s to my collection. And I already have several want lists for 90s team sets.
Jonathan said…
I'm really glad there were that many you needed. It was insane going through all the 90's cards I did to find them. I'd never even heard of most of the Pacific sets.
BaseSetCalling said…
I toured my way through the 90s with rock bands, not baseball cards. Fittingly, the ones I like now are mostly just the inserts from Pacific, the highlight of a repack when found. Eventually, I will have to start actually collecting them on purpose.
Fuji said…
If I could snap my fingers and all of my Athletics & Padres base cards were sorted and organized, I'd consider building team sets. But I just don't have the time (or don't want to make the time) to kick off this project. One day I will take the time to sort the 5,000ct. boxes I have filled with my team pc's. The thing is... I probably am more likely to sort them by player instead of by team set.
Defenders50 said…
How in the world is that "retro", UD?

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