Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sorry about the weather delay, but happy birthday, Steve Garvey

Greetings from Nome, Alaska.

I understand you're waiting for a birthday post from me about Steve Garvey. After all, I'm a Dodger fan, who grew up in the '70s, who's written about Garv a time or two.

I do apologize. I've been indisposed.

That ice storm I wrote about two straight days? It arrived at about 4 in the morning. I listened to an unholy mixture of sleet/rain scream from the sky for two hours, tree limbs coming down sounding like they were thunderbolts, and then was plunged into Little House on the Prairie for almost 10 hours. It's rough work behaving like Charles Ingalls, so I completely forgot about the whole Garvey thing we're supposed to do.

There's a chance I could lose power again tonight, and I'm entirely too tired to write something about Garvey that I haven't written before. So I'm just going to feature all the Garvey items I've ever shown on this blog. That way it looks like I went through some effort when actually I didn't at all.

Hope that's OK, gcrl.

Here you go:

The best part of all that is I know that there are a number of Garveys that I have still yet to show, including one of my very favorites.

Happy birthday -- whatever few hours of it that remain -- Mr. Garvey. Thanks for being the first Star Of The Dodgers that I ever knew.

Sorry an ice storm got in the way -- but at least it let up enough for me to post all those cards.


  1. glad you made it to the party. you're missing the million dollar chase auto card in that run of garveys, though. i've always avoided buying the mcgregor tags, but i might have to change my mind about that...

    1. Whoops, I scanned it and then it got lost in all the other scans. That shall be corrected.

  2. Two things:

    1. That MacGregor's card is awesome. Awesomely awful.

    2. I have the Pee Wee Reese version of that SP Legendary Bat card, if you need it.

  3. Your post is proof that 1982 Fleer wasn't that bad... love those up the bat shots.