Thursday, February 7, 2013

4 is better than 1

Well, I'm off to a slow start in obtaining every version of this card ever made. But we must begin somewhere.

I am required to acknowledge the first person to send me this card since I announced that I want to collect all of them. It was Section 36. Thanks to him, I can now play a game of "One of These Things Is Not Like The Other." Sadly, the game would be flawed because they're all exactly the same.

Isn't it great?

This 2010 Topps 206 mini recognizes the first professional baseball game ever played under lights. Grand Rapids beat Zanesville, 11-10, on July 8, 1909 in Grand Rapids, Mich., if you must know.

The fact that there are four cards here is appropriate because July 8 is one of four key days in night baseball history. The others are May 24, Aug. 8 and Sept. 2. I am going to try to start recognizing night games on those four dates -- if I remember. (There is also another key date, which makes the whole "four" thing irrelevant. But I'll make it relevant again when I obtain my fifth card, weeeeee!)

Until then, I will continue to accept your 2010 Topps 206 Historical Events mini #6 cards, and gleefully update my progress here.

Good night.

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