Monday, February 25, 2013

2012 isn't done trying to kill me

I was quite pleased when we all turned the calendar over from 2012 to 2013. As I've mentioned a few times, 2012 was rather difficult for me. Yes, I'm grateful for the lessons learned during that year, but I don't think I want to go through anything like that again. It nearly killed me.

So I deserve everything I get for returning to that year.

But I had a good excuse. I wanted to finally update my Dodger team set needs for 2012. As often happens, I get a little bored during the second half of the card season -- especially if I don't like the designs -- and I fail to add the new sets onto my want list.

I went back and added Bowman Chrome and Panini Cooperstown and was pleased that it was so brief. I figured, "what the hell, I'll add some of the many parallels from 2012 Topps to the want list, too."

Big mistake N.O., big mistake.

Totally oblivious to the horror before me, I dutifully went through the Walmart blues, Target reds and Toys R Us purpleseses and added a whole mess of numbers to the list.

Then I did the same for the numbered gold parallels before turning my attention to the gold sparkly parallels.

While reviewing and recording, reviewing and recording, I noted that I had the Mark Ellis gold sparkly card.

That really says "Mark Ellis" on the bottom of the card -- I know you can't see it (and I like the rain forest parallels in this year's set so much better).

I went to move on to the next name when something went off in my brain.

It was my tiny little card alarm.

It rings when something is not right.

I hate that ring.

Then my alarm spoke.

I really hate it when it speaks.

It said: "Go back and look at your base set Dodgers."

Oh, god. This was going to be bad.

I turned back the pages to the base cards (this is the card world in which we live, that it took me three page turns to get back to the base cards even though I was still in the 2012 Topps Dodgers portion of the binder). There I was struck deaf and dumb by what I saw.

NO MARK ELLIS BASE CARD??????????????????????????



*Momentary loss of consciousness*


"I hope it was a dream. I hope it was a dream."

*View binder again and see nobody between Chris Capuano and Nathan Eovaldi.*


I scrambled upstairs and looked through all of the Dodger dupes accumulated over the last year. No Ellis card. I looked in my uncompleted 2012 Topps set, where I keep some spare Dodger dupes. No Ellis card. I went downstairs where I keep my very recent set dupes. No Ellis card.

Dammit to hell!

This hasn't happened to me for a long time.

Needless to say, the 2012 Topps Mark Ellis card, #588, has been added to the Nebulous 9 list.

I KNEW I shouldn't have gone back in time.

Nostalgia only works if it can't hurt you.


  1. I'll look tonight/tomorrow. Have a fair amount of '12 doubles.

  2. There may be one in a package imminent, not sure though.

  3. I can't help you - hope one of the other two can.

  4. I have one and will send it your way in my next package to you. You will probably end up with about 7 copies based on this post!

  5. Even I, of all people, have one! If everyone else's package gets lost in the mail lemme know.