Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mini lovin' and idea stealin'

This Valentine's Day I've decided to feature the cardboard that best fits the description of "lovable."

Allen & Ginter minis -- if you have the proper pages to feature them -- are the most downright adorable cards ever made. If you don't have the proper pages for them, then they can die in a paper-shredder.

Fortunately, I have the pages for them, so they are the most cutesy, wootsy, itty, bitty (sorry, it's the day and the people around me) cards that I own.

Like a number of collectors, I've decided to pay proper homage to these minis by putting together a frankenset of A&Gs. I'm making decent progress, even with having very little cash to spend on what's basically collecting priority No. 27. It helps when blogs like The Angels, In Order offer minis up for trade.

I happened to have a couple of 2013 Mike Trout cards and TAIO shipped me a bunch of minis in exchange. I'm telling you, you can get anything you want for Trout cards, these things are going to be a goldmine for me.

I thought I'd feature the cards here and let everyone in on whether they are inducted into the frankenset or not. I know Cardboard Junkie does the same thing and I'm pretty much idea-plagiarizing here, but nobody's going to notice right? It's the internet. It's not like anyone checks anything.

So here are some adorable minis. Pretend it's like the first time you saw this:

#12 - Jesus Flores, 2010, A&G back

Is it binder-worthy?: Yes. Mr. Flowers is probably getting all kinds of action with his Valentine's Day-appropriate name. Besides, there's a blank spot where #12 goes.

#49 - Jeremy Hellickson, 2012, regular back

Is it binder-worthy?: Yes. Another blank spot (does anybody have all the spots filled and just swaps one card out for another?)

#91 - Grady Sizemore, 2012, regular back

Is it binder-worthy?: No.

Scott Rolen blocks Grady. Rolen's nothing special, but I like the '08 minis much better than '12 minis, and Sizemore's headed to Baseball Dad anyway. Trade bait trumps some spot in some lousy made-up collection.

#96 - Roy Halladay, 2010, A&G back

Is it binder-worthy?: Hell, yes. There's a place waiting for him. It's always key when you can get someone like Halladay in mini form.

#98 - Noah Lowry, 2007, regular back

Is it binder-worthy?: No.

Black-bordered Johnny Cueto rules any stinkin' Giant.

#104 - Ian Desmond, 2012, regular back

Is it binder-worthy?: Yes. I don't like the horizontal 2012 A&G cards at all. But the Nationals, apparently, are the new cool. And it replaces this card:

No real problems with Huston Street, except that the card is sitting two places over from ANOTHER HUSTON STREET in the binder! How is that possible? I can barely turn to the page because I know I'm going to be staring at two Huston Streets. And they're going to be staring back at me. Two of them. Together. In unison.

#143 - Brian Bannister, 2007, A&G back

Is it binder-worthy?: Yes. I can't even tell you if Mr. Sweet Signature is still in baseball (see what the offseason does to me?). But there's no one blocking his path.

#155 - Josh Johnson, 2010, regular back

Is it binder-worthy?: No. I should reward Johnson for finally finding a way out of Miami ...

... but I can't let this homeless guy whose dressed up like a Padre out of the binder. It's just too amusing.



#210 - Chase Utley, 2010, regular back/black border

Is it binder-worthy?: Yes it is, and you're going to fall over when you see who Chutley knocked out.

Yup, I'm booting Say Hey. I'm sending it to mr. haverkamp, who is putting together his own frankenset and who is a Giants fan. Oh, and he's sent me a number of 1975 Topps minis.

See, ya, Willie. It's been fun.

#271 - Paul Lo Duca, 2008, regular back

Is it binder-worthy?: Yes. There is a vacancy at spot No. 271. There is no justice in this binder. Mays gets booted and Lo Duca gets to stay. I don't know if I like this exercise anymore.

#287 - Yovani Gallardo, 2010, regular back/black border

Is it binder-worthy?: Yes. Yo, Yovani got in.

#312 - A.J. Burnett, 2009, regular back

Is it binder-worthy?: Yes. I'm getting into the high numbers and there are blank spots everywhere. This would be the second Burnett card in the binder, which I am not thrilled about (stop glaring at me, sir). But I'm not turning away needy adorable minis.

#342 - Ryan Dempster, 2012, regular back

Is it binder-worthy?: It would be, if I wasn't sending it to Community Gum. Jon's a Dempster fan. He should get it.

#347 - Anibal Sanchez, 2007, A&G back

Is it binder-worthy?: Anibal fills another high-numbered hole in the binder.

No Number - Alex Gordon, 2007, regular back

Holy smokes, a no-number back? I didn't even know there were no-numbered black border cards. But after finding this Alex Gordon one, I discovered my black-bordered Rafael Furcal card from the same year also has no number.

I suppose I should find a spot in the binder for this -- what an epic struggle it will be for that no-number spot in the binder.

So that helps the frankenbinder quite a bit. I really wish A&G would get discounted more often so I could work on this project a little more.

But I might have better luck just finding Mike Trout cards to trade.


  1. Nice post, as always, I wish I could come up with some of your thoughts and ideas.

    BTW, I too, have the mini pages and the Sizemore will fit just fine ! Thanks much.

  2. I'm glad the Huston Street got booted, because I still need him. If you could add him to my (or start me a new) stack I'd be grateful.

  3. Frankensets are brilliant. I like seeing who gets booted in favor of another player. At least I thought I did until I saw Mays kicked out and Lo Duca staying just because he happens to have a different number. Sad.

  4. I honestly busted up laughing at the cow intermission. Must be bed time.

    Mays getting bumped by anyone is just not right but at least he is going to a great fellow Giants fan.

  5. Willie will have a great home at #210 in my frankenset, booting a 2010 Chris Johnson RC (A&G Back). I do have a page at the end of the set for my favorite insert/no # cards like authors, biblical figures, and Team Orange. Plan on keeping it to the top 15 only!

  6. It was hardest to part with the Cow from Nepal.

  7. Hooray! Dempster for me! Thanks Night Owl by way of The Angels In Order.
    I need to break down and buy some of those mini pages sometime.