Wednesday, February 27, 2013

C.A.: 2009 Upper Deck SPx Matt Kemp

(If you are expecting a package from me, there's been a minor delay. It's called: "I can't even afford postage right now." I expect this condition to clear up in a week or so, so don't worry. You're on my radar. But to get your mind off of no package in da mail, in the meantime, let's move on to Cardboard Appreciation. This is the 174th in a series):

For me, the worst part of a new card season is the realization that you haven't finished all your completion goals from the previous season.

This realization doesn't hit right away. At first, I am too enthralled with the newness of everything to even think about the past year. New designs and shapes and colors. Adulation and outrage and giddy sounds of glee all over the internet. It's difficult to look back. Who wants to look back with all the NEW everywhere?

But eventually, a few weeks later, I stumble across my want list and -- oh, lord -- I look at all of those 2012 wants unmet. If you're a team collector, this means a number of sets left incomplete. Set after set after set after set. The want list numbers mocking you. "You really going to move on to 2013 with the mess you left behind?"

In fits of great self-loathing, I don't even stop at the previous year. I look into my 2011 wants and 2010 wants and 2009 wants, and the failure just smacks me repeatedly in the face until I have to shake myself free and realize, "it's a journey, not a race. Stop bawling."

But the fact remains, there are still an awful lot of needs left from Dodgers sets of the last four or five years.

The above Matt Kemp card from 2009 SPx that I received in my first transaction with Martyn at 1st & Home spurred me on to do something about it.

The Kemp card had been on my want list for four years. It was the last card I needed to complete the ridiculously small Dodger group in that set. But Martyn sent the card to me completely at random. I didn't ask for it. In fact, I had totally forgotten I needed it. In fact, I had totally forgotten that '09 SPx ever existed.

It wasn't until I looked at the card and my brain notified me that "you have never seen that card before in your entire life," that '09 SPx popped back into consciousness. "Oh, yeah! That was back when Upper Deck was obsessed with Xs! Now I remember!"

From that point I looked at some other cards from recent sets that I needed. And I added some of them to the Nebulous 9 list on the sidebar. It is now top-heavy with recent card issues. But that's good. They shouldn't be too hard for people to find.

Meanwhile, here are a few more card from Martyn:

This 2005 Donruss Diamond Kings parallel features Edwin Jackson about 11 teams ago. He has the word "Cash" written on his shoulder. I'm sure that's the name of the person who drew/painted the picture of Jackson. But it seems to give Jackson extra street cred, too, like he should be part of the artwork on mid-90s rap CD.

I hate that I am continuing to show these ugly-ass Gypsy Queen cards on this blog. But until I complete the team sets, I have to keep doing it. This Reese mini was needed in that way that only team completionists who must collect everything, even sets they hate, can explain.

The most useless scan in the history of time. I can't even tell you that this card looks better in person. We all know that the late '90s Bowman International cards didn't look any different than this. Once again, I am glad I wasn't collecting in the late '90s.

I am just realizing that I am neglecting upgrading my 1980 Topps set. I accumulated the vast majority of the cards for the set in 1980, when I was 14. So I should really start staring at card corners in the fussiest way possible. I have a feeling Happy Hooton here will replace the one I have in the '80 binder right now.

Finally, a fancy Sweet Spot Classic card from the days when you were allowed to put any player you wanted on a baseball card. Upper Deck could have put Scott Ullger on a card, but it made a much better call and went with Maury Wills.

Martyn also sent me a red rose pin badge of the Blackburn Rovers football club, better known where I'm from as one of those soccer teams who sometimes plays in the Premier League. (I'm a typical Yank that doesn't follow the sport much).

The pin is pretty cool. I might where it to work someday and make the English soccer fan co-worker jealous.

Anyway, thanks for the cards -- and thanks for the Nebulous 9 shake-up.

I needed that.


  1. Glad they arrived, and helped you with some wants.

  2. I know how you feel, last week I added all the Topps base Red Sox I didn't have to my Top 10 Most Wanted. Hard to believe I still need some. 2013 is going to be just a bad. I have only 1 Red Sox base card from 2013 so far (though I have half the blues parallel set, go figure). Hopefully someone will read this and feel sorry Roddy for me that they search their doubles and send me a trade offer.

  3. Hate it or not - holy hell that Pee Wee card is amazing.