Saturday, November 5, 2011

A not-so-subliminal message

I grew up in both a public and private school environment. I went to a public elementary school and a private high school. Having experienced both, I have found that people on either side have significant stereotypes about the kind of school that they do not attend. You know, holier-than-thou snot-noses on one side and shiftless future criminal/crackheads on the other side. You know the drill.

I don't subscribe to either of those stereotypes. I've seen the good and bad from both schools.

What I did experience in private school -- mine was the Catholic sort -- is that you are introduced to the so-called evils of the world by your teachers, not your fellow classmates.

In ninth grade or so, we had this teacher who would tell us that advertisers were trying to sell us alcohol by painting subliminal images on the ice cubes pictured in drinks on magazine ads. She would point out skulls or the word "sex," to which we promptly responded "cool!" and proceeded to run out of class and hit the bar down the street.

The point is I never believed that stuff like that could make me buy anything. I've never considered myself the suggestible type. I don't even know if the whole thing was a myth or a legitimate marketing tool.

I just know that I received my own subliminal message when I opened a rack pack of 2011 Topps Update and Lineage today.

Here was my sparkly card from Update:

Hey, Night Owl! This Bud's for YOU!

Feeling a little thirsty, I opened my Linage pack.

Here was the sparkly card from that pack:

Only the most famous drinker in the history of sports.

OK, even though I don't drink a whole lot anymore, after that I really had the urge to suck down a cold one. But I had to go pick up the kid, go to a meeting, run an errand and then head to work.

But I'm pretty certain when I finally get off work, I'll be hitting the mini-fridge. Those magazine ice cubes may not have worked, but I'm powerless to the not-so-secret messages on Topps cards.

I know some of you don't need any subliminal messages to grab a beer.

It's just that I get so busy I need reminders sometimes.

Fortunately, Topps is there for me.

Subliminally, of course.

Hope Topps doesn't mind that the beer will be Canadian.


  1. You know what Harry Caray used to say,

  2. You MUST put that Campana card aside for me! That looks awesome with the sparkly diamond glitter! I'm headed to the local show tomorrow with you in mind and hopefully get your return package in the mail next week.