Thursday, November 10, 2011

M-m-m-minnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssss have m-m-m-many uses!!!

I'm just noticing the ghostly Clayton Kershaw on this liquorfractor. How did I miss that before?

Anyway, the Dodgers will be without the services of Rod Barajas for 2012. He's decided to be a Pirate. No great loss. But the thought of a season with Tim Federowicz and A.J. Ellis isn't making me book reservations for L.A. in October.

I received this information in the 45 minutes of free time I had before hitting the job. It's been a very involved week, one that robs you of your creative strength, so when you return home you're only capable of monosyllabic responses. That's fine for the dog, but others have problems with this kind of conversation.

It's a problem for the blog, too.

Wait, let me check to make sure that's true. ...








Yeah, that's not going to work.

So, in times like these, I guess I'll have to go to my ...



They're so versatile. They brighten my mood. They distract me. They make me form complete sentences again. And they're great blog filler!

I love them so.

These came to me from Cardboard Catastrophes. Jeffrey has supplied me with other '75 Lineage minis and he'll be the first person I thank when/if I complete the whole mini slice of heaven.

You may not think Jeffrey and I have a lot in common. He's a farmer in Oklahoma. I'm a sports editor/writer in New York. He's a Yankee fan. I'm a Dodger fan. But we are about the same age, we grew up in the same area and at the same time, we're collecting the same sets, and we're the same kind of collector. He's practically me ... if I got dropped on my head when I was little.

Kidding. I just can't get past the whole Yankee thing.

I also received a few other cards from him, because he knows what I like:

I love this set. Naturally, that means Jeffrey is collecting it. He sent me a few of the Dodgers that I needed.

Whoops! Forgot one.

And, if I'm not mistaken, he picked this up at a card show ... I love card shows, too! What a coincidence!!

Great stuff. And right up my alley.

See? Those minis perked me right up. They need to bottle them so I can take 'em in pill form.

I would be happy and energetic all day.

But, unfortunately, it's back to work, and one-word responses.



  1. those are some sweet fleers. never saw that set till now. really dig the hershieser. and my favorite minnnniiiiiiiiii is koufax.
    i have andrew jones with the braves from that set. do you want it?
    i collect dodgers too, so maybe you can send one of your extra dodgers for trade. :)

  2. Stealing Home, your trade pack includes a few of those Fleers. It is going out in the mail tonight.

    One correction, though. I am not actually a farmer. Being a farmer would actually involve selling things. We haven't actually ever sold one of our horses (Don't get me started.) Horses are my wife's hobby, one that I share to a lesser extent. So, to be completely accurate, and more than a little pedantic, I live on a farm.

  3. Thanks for clearing that up. Whenever I hear someone lives/works on a farm, the city boy in me assumes they're a farmer.

    I shouldn't do that -- I've had people assume I watch sports on TV for a living when they hear I'm a sportswriter.

    Stealing home ~

    Email me your address. I'll send you a bunch of Dodgers (yes, I do need the Andruw Jones).

  4. hey guys -
    i totally missed your responses here. just got an email from night owl. n.o., that mini is all yours, and happy to give you first dibs on any others i pull.
    carlsonjok - looking forward to see which of those fleers are coming to me. thanks to both you guys.