Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A public service announcement from 1985

Just wanted to let those interested know that I've created a blog for the 1985 Topps set. It's called, quite creatively, 1985 Topps.

I'm almost done with the look of it, and I'll take suggestions if anyone has any. No guarantee I'll go through with any of them. But there's always the potential for ideas out there that I'd be willing to steal.

Anyway, you can find it thusly.

The look of the blog is a tribute to the back of the '85 Topps cards.

I've often considered the card backs from '85 Topps to be among the more intimidating in terms of readability. The colors may be in keeping with the season, but red-on-green is nothing that an ophthalmologist is going to endorse.

However, the write-ups at the bottom of the cards are often quite interesting. So I'm looking forward to that. And I promise to keep the blog as legible as possible.

As for the tabs across the top of the blog, I fully plan to keep a running log of the various goings-on in 1985. It's one of the few years in which I can do this. As a kid I wasn't aware of what was going on outside of my little world. At 46, I'm growing less interested in the nonsense out there. (There's a reason TV likes that 18-45 age group). But in '85, I was on top of it all, so I want that to be addressed on the blog.

I don't know what shape each of those tabs will take. We'll see.

I also don't know what the posts will look like yet. Like I said, they'll be brief. But hopefully informative/interesting.

Also, just because the blog is up doesn't mean I'll be starting early. It's still scheduled to begin sometime in January.

Consider this a preview.

And, yes, the '71 Topps blog is still on its way. Haven't done a thing with that yet.

Now, for a real public service announcement from 1985:


  1. Money for nothing... a song that was banned in Canada by our good old Canadian Broadcast Standards Council. They are the communists, I mean, party officials, I mean, folks in charge of telling us what we are allowed to watch and listen to and what we're not allowed.

    Add that to an amazingly long list of websites and tv stations.

    Other than that salt in the wound, the website looks good. I was hoping for the red on green though ;)

  2. The link is on my Blogroll and is ready for when you start it up.