Sunday, May 29, 2011

Team colors: Braves

I redeemed this Topps Diamond Diecut card a couple days ago. If you're keeping track -- and you don't have to because I will not allow you to forget with my constant yammering -- this is the fifth Diamond Diecut I've redeemed.

Don't worry. I am not tempted to go after the whole set. But there were times in my life when I would not have been able to say that.

For review, here is what I've done with the Diamond Diecuts I've redeemed:

1. Babe Ruth: Swapped it on the Giveaway site for a much more desirable Jackie Robinson diamond diecut, which is now in my possession.
2. Marlon Byrd: Swapped it on the Giveaway site for a 1962 Larry Sherry, which is also here with me.
3. Roy Halladay: Traded it for several Dodgers cards from '50s and a Duke Snider autographed card.
4. Reggie Jackson: It's still on the Giveaway site, fending off idiot offers daily.

That brings me to Tommy Hanson here.

I've got no interest in Hanson. He is officially in "what can I get for it" mode. Right now, he's my latest attempt to pry a Clayton Kershaw or Andre Ethier diamond diecut away from some collector. But this attempt, like all the other attempts for the Kershaw or Ethier, has so far been a complete failure. The folks who own those Dodger diecuts apparently live in mortal fear of trading on the site. It's very easy folks. You either hit "accept" or "decline." Don't be scared. It's not going to give you gonorrhea.

So, I'm featuring Tommy here in hopes someone might be willing to swing a trade with me for something desirable. If you have something I might like, you know what to do.

Meanwhile, I figured I'd do another one of these team colors things, even though I'm pretty sure Topps used blue and red for the majority of Braves cards over the years.

At least the colors are patriotic for a patriotic holiday.

Again, here is the rundown for the years in which Topps used colors based on the team featured on the card:

1964: light green
1965: green
1966: lavender
1967: blue
1968: lavender
1969: lavender
1971: light green, yellow and red
1972: red, light green and yellow
1974: red and blue
1976: blue and orange
1977: orange and light blue
1978: green and pink
1979: yellow and green
1980: orange, red and yellow
1981: light green and blue
1982: green and blue
1983: blue and purple
1984: purple and orange
1985: blue and light blue
1986: blue
1987: blue
1988: red, blue and yellow
1989: red, yellow and blue
1991: blue, red and yellow
1992: red, blue and white
1993: red, blue and gold
1994: red and yellow
1998: red and blue
2000: red
2002: red and blue
2003: red and gold
2004: blue and red
2005: red and blue
2006: red and blue
2007: blue and red
2008: blue and red
2009: blue
2010: blue
2011: blue and red

Braves team colors: blue and red (although I believe they're officially "navy and scarlet").

What Topps thinks are the Braves' team colors: Blue and red.

Still some holiday left. Go out there and pound some Budweiser.

(The tally: Blue-23, Red-19, Yellow-8, Green-4, Light Green-4, Orange-4, Lavender-3, Light Blue-2, Gold-2, Pink-1, Purple-1, White-1)


  1. I must have missed some posts.I didn't know you had 5 !! Good job !
    I have 2, Sizemore and Choo. Got both through trades. I'm trying to pry away Santana.

  2. I've offered up some late 50's and early 60's cards trying to get one freakin' Braves die-cut and nobody is will to trade me!

  3. Whoops. I didn't know there was a 'decline' option. I have a Clayton Kershaw die-cut, have been trying to swap it for a die-cut of Ichiro or Felix Hernandez. If I can't swing it, I'll let you know, maybe we can trade for something else.