Saturday, May 28, 2011

OK, I'll do it myself

It's been awhile since I received a Clayton Kershaw card in a trade. I did receive a couple from Project '62 recently that broke a prolonged slump. And I'll post them ... eventually.

But other than those two, it's been quiet. On top of that, I've noticed Kershaw's cards going up in price in the online shops. Nothing drastic. But apparently people are finally getting wise to the idea that he's something special. It only took them four years.

So, with everyone marching behind the Minotaur, I decided to do a little something and grabbed some Kershaw cards myself. Collectors collect, right? They can't wait by the mailbox all the time.

I didn't get anything flashy. I don't have the cash. So that means no autographs, no relics and definitely no patch cards (some of which are gawdawful).

But it does mean:


My favorite parallel of all-time! Zowie! I love the colored parallel. I hope it stays around forever.

First, I nabbed last year's Opening Day blue parallel of Kershaw. The only Opening Day blue parallels I am able to pull are of Red Sox, Yankees and Giants. That's right, I can pull OD blue parallels of only the Red Sox and my two least favorite teams. I have pulled multiple ones of each team. But no other team. The card gods definitely hate me.

Here are the Pumpkin Pie Parallels that Bowman likes to produce. I'm not crazy about this color, but I do love me some pumpkin pie. So I'll let it slide. Amd now I wish it was Thanksgiving.

And, look at the back of  the '09 Bowman parallel ...

... it is lucky No. 13!!

Now, here is some Gypsy Queen. From two years ago. When people weren't flipping out about it.

This black border mini Kershaw is phenomenal. I've had my eye on it for a long time.

Yeah, I got a little fancy. A Topps Sterling Kershaw from last year. I make it a requirement that I know as little about Sterling as possible. The card is fancy in that weird way that finger bowls are fancy. I don't understand the people who hang in that world.

But this?

This I understand. A purple refractor of my favorite player makes perfect, tremendous sense. This card makes me a proud papa.

So, that's my brief Kershaw splurge.

Hopefully, I'll continue to land some Kershaws through trades. Because if the dude continues to improve like he has, pretty soon, only this guy will be able to afford his cards.

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  1. Aw shucks. I hope they don't get too expensive for me. I'd be mightily disappointed.

    Oh, and I had intended to comment yesterday....