Friday, May 20, 2011

Upper Deck, you still make me sad

I have been feeling like crap lately. If there was a way to surgically remove my throat without there being the corresponding eating and drinking issues, I'd do it. It has not been pleasant the last three days.

I've been in a continuous state of fluctuating between "should I call in at work?" and "nah, I'm OK." After a trip to the doc's today, I'm fairly certain it is allergy related because it hasn't stopped raining for TWO DAMN WEEKS and my neighborhood looks like a Northeastern jungle freshly bombed by pollen.

In a haze yesterday, I stopped at Walmart to grab a care package of cards. Cards are medicinal you know. You saw the Bowman and Topps value box results earlier. But I also grabbed a discounted O-Pee-Chee blaster.

I've done very well on staying away from blasters this year. I have not bought a single full-price blaster. Because it is truly heartache in a box.

However, a marked-down blaster is much more happy. Even with a product like OPC, in which I need only six cards to finish off the set, it can be fun. I know I'll pick up a few black-border cards, some inserts and maybe a hit.

So, good for Upper Deck for continuing to throw out those discounted blasters.

Except this time.

Oh, I got my black-border cards. I got some inserts, too. Didn't get a hit, but that's OK.

I wasn't shorted a pack either. Got all 15 packs.

So, what's the big deal?

Well, when I got to packs 14 and 15, I noticed there were extremely thin. In fact, by merely touching them, it was obvious that each contained only 1 card, instead of the six advertised on the wrapper.

"Hmmm, maybe it's some weird hit," I thought.

Well it wasn't.

Here is what the first SEALED pack contained:

A single card of Jason Bartlett. Yup, just a solitary base card.

Did I mention that the pack was sealed? And enclosed in a box? With shrink wrap?

Here is what the second scrawny pack yielded:

One card of Jonathan Broxton? That's the definition of insult to injury.

Now, I know that this blaster was discounted, but I figured it was because the product is two years old, not because two of the packs in the box were "defective."

So, do I have any recourse here?

Upper Deck, you may not have a baseball license anymore, but you still make me sad.

You made a sick person sad. I hope you're happy with yourself.


  1. that's harsh.

    not to take advantage of you when you're down.... but can you please, please, please look through my wantlists when you have time? I'm down to needing one card for this set, plus a few of teh inserts.

    I'll do the same for you.

  2. I'd be semi-shocked if I didn't have the card. I'll take a look this weekend.

  3. My LCS has an entire 5000 count monster box of 09 O-Pee-Chee. (but still no GQ) Maybe i should look at both your lists...

  4. There was a guy on Coast-to-Coast the other night talking about the government dusting the U.S. with contrails of something. Maybe we ingested the same sore throat spore. Kind of X-Files-ish, but dang, what's up with so many people getting sore throats lately?
    Now, off to swig more Nyquil...

  5. I've been doing claritin with a nyquil chased the past couple months. Upper deck should be penalized for kicking a man when he is down.

  6. I picked up a blaster of this and had a similar experience. Except my thin packs had three cards in them and it was two packs as well. (I think they were next to each other also, like your final two)

  7. This has happened to me more than once in blasters of all types. I think the QC in blaster-land is low, even for the card companies...