Thursday, March 18, 2010

There's no use in trying

I have fallen hopelessly behind in just about every area of my life. March does that to me every year. But it seems even more pronounced this year.

There's really no use in trying to catch up. I'm never going to do it.

I'm even slacking in the blog arena, which is usually the only area that escapes neglect in times of frenzy. But people are holding contests and box breaks all over the place and not only do I not have the time or the cash to join them, but I can't even keep track of which ones are which. At the risk of getting this all wrong, Offy's Sports Site is holding a contest, Nachos Grande is holding a box break, Crawford Cards and Sewing Machine Cards is holding some joint monthly box break thing, Mojo and Beardy are asking people both to pick winners in the NCAA Tournament and RAP FOR CARDS, while madding is just asking for people to pick winners in the NCAA Tournament.

Damn, I'm winded.

You guys have to do all of this in MARCH? (Yes, I know the tournament is in March. That's a whole other issue). I get one day a week off in March. If I'm lucky. Plus, it's about the busiest month of the year from a personal-life standpoint, too.

So, no I won't be participating in any of it. Don't be offended. If it was a less busy, more profitable time of the year, I'd be there. Well, except for rapping on video. I never have time to do that.

Here is another area I've been neglectful in: the Dodgers.

If you tune into this blog for Dodger updates, you've been sorely disappointed ... oh, since October.

Sorry, out of sight, out of mind, you know. I need to see actual ballgames to get in the spirit. But just to get myself up to speed, here's the rundown:

Russell J.'s got groin issues, Belisario's got visa issues, Cory Wade's got shoulder issues. Eric Gagne was sent down. Scott Elbert was sent down. The Dodgers have two guys named Ortiz trying to win the No. 5 starter spot. The Dodgers' all-decade team matched mine almost exactly, except for the catching position. But none of it means much because Opening Day is 18 days away.

Finally, I've been sitting on some trades for awhile. Here is one that probably arrived two weeks ago. My profuse apologies.

This package is from Dustin. His full name is the same as one of the most famous actors of all time. I mailed a return package to him last week. Like a full-on geek, I waited for the postal guy to notice the name on the address label and make a comment. I mean, like he cares. But also, I'm sure Dustin goes to the post office hoping no one notices the address label, so he doesn't have to hear the same "I'm walkin' here!" quote for the 97 millionth time.

So, yeah, I'm an idiot. Maybe I SHOULD do that rap video.

Dustin was kind enough to send a bunch of Dodgers, and dug up some nice want list stuff, as well as items for my player collection. I really should have scanned more cards.

I already mentioned that he sent a '75 Ron Cey mini, that I am going to send to Mr. Cey to get autographed. Dustin also sent a few more Ceys, including this one that I didn't have:

I like the Timeless Teams set a lot, even if this is a hurtin' photo of the Penguin. There are a mess of Dodgers cards from this set that I still need. But at least I have all the Ceys now.

Here is a shiny Nomo card that I needed. I can almost blind myself with this card by reflecting the computer desktop lamp off of it. Let's see here ... Oooh, cool, my eyes see colored spots!!!!!!

I like a guy who has Hershiser cards that I don't have, no matter how simple. The Triple Play card had that backwards writing on the back that you had to hold up to a mirror to read. That is the very same thing that fascinated us as kids in the 1970s. But did kids in the '90s get a kick out of that, too? They were probably too cool for mirrors.

Junk-era '80s Fleer awesomeness of the two heroes of the 1988 Dodgers. That's not a flattering photo of Gibson. I believe that's a strike.

A black-and-white photo on a card that resembles 1984 Donruss is quite disconcerting, but fascinating at the same time. I think a few batters found Drysdale disconcerting as well as fascinating.

Here is a green card set mentioned on the last post. No, I don't have all my cards arranged by color. But it WAS a bunch of work tracking them down. So I forgot to mention the Reds, Hand Collated. Funny how that team slips my mind.

The last '08 Piece of History Dodger that I needed. Hate the set. Really dislike the player. They're made for each other.

YES! MORE TOPPS TOTAL!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeee! It's fun!!!!! Nobody knows who Luke Allen or Jeff Williams is!!!!!! That's what makes it so fun!!!!!!

The next card is a key one, and the last card that I'm showing although I neglected to show the Fleer Star Sticker Madlock, the Score Select needs, the Victory needs, the Fleer Ultra needs, the Bowman needs, the Pacific online card, the EDDIE STANKY card, the ...


Another card off of the Nebulous 9 list. Hey, it even kind of looks like Garvey, too.

That's it. Thanks, Dustin. Now, go sign up for the box breaks and enter the contests. I'll be sleeping and slaving. Not necessarily in that order.

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  1. My school term is in full blown KICKYOURBUTT mode, so I find my blog time being limited more and more each day. I have a stack of collection stuff I haven't scanned and stuff that's written up but not blogged yet. Oy. So, even though I'm in some breaks, doing a two breaks on a forum, and in that NCAA thing... holy crap it's a good thing I'm a self-employed bum/student..