Monday, March 15, 2010

Activate shipping mechanism

Today is the first day that you're supposed to be able to ask Topps to ship the cards in your Million Card Giveaway collection directly to your own home.

I just checked the site and it says you can't get them shipped yet. Yes, I know it's March 15th right now. But we already went through this when Topps first activated the site. It seems Topps is a little slow. And collectors are little impatient. OK, a lot impatient.

Anyway, even though the cards that I have redeemed so far aren't nearly as nice as some that I have seen, I have decided I will get a few sent to me. I know that shipping is $2.92 for the first card and 53 cents for each additional card, and that could add up. But even though I likely could get these cards cheaper, I want to give the process a try. Let's see how Topps handles a bunch of shipping requests. I hope it's nothing like they handle autograph redemptions. I'm not waiting 15 months for a 2004 Omar Daal card.

So, these are the cards I will have sent.

The 1960 Rip Repulski card is a definite. Chris of Project '62 was nice enough to trade it to me and it will be mine. It's easily worth two ninety two. Some collector made an online offer for this card a couple of days ago. He offered a Giant. Can you believe that? He had no idea who he was messing with.

Next up is ol' Jerry Buchek. I've had a couple trade offers for this card. One was for a '72 card that I didn't have. But I didn't think it was enough to pull the trigger. The other was so laughable that I can't even remember what it was.

I'm almost at the point where if the Buchek card I get isn't badly miscut like this one, I will be disappointed.

The last definite card is the 1972 Fred Kendall. This was the card that signified that the Million Card Giveaway didn't hate me. I collect this set and it's a card I do not have. Someone recently offered a 1970 card for it. But that's a set I don't like much.

There are a couple of other more current cards that I received in Giveaway trades that will sit in online purgatory for a little while.

I need both of these cards to complete Dodgers team sets. But I can get these for practically nothing elsewhere.

Also, I just signed off on a Giveaway trade. I got rid of my 1993 Donovan Osborne card! Yay!

That's the card I got in return. You can't go wrong with Pudge. I actually need this card.

Meanwhile there are a bunch of cards in my collection I can't bear to look at anymore. I keep trying to trade them, but apparently there isn't a single person that wants a 1985 Scott Fletcher.

What I don't understand are the trade offers that sit there for a week before finally dying out. Come on, collectors, pay attention! If I have no life and check this site every day, that means you have to, too. Have some sympathy. My self-esteem is at stake here!


  1. Yeah, at this point the only two cards I want shipped of the seven in my virtual collection are the 1958 George Crowe and 1965 Jim Bouton. I've traded one of the cruddy newer cards for an Orioles need (2002 Raymond Cabrera), but am finding no takers for my 1998 and 1993 junk. People keep trying to get their mitts on the Bouton, but I'm not giving up a set need (and a very cool player) for some scrub Yankee like Gene Michael. C'mon.

  2. I am eventually going to get cards shipped but there are two more series' worth of codes to enter so there's plenty of time. If I did pull something sick like a '52 Eddie Mathews (saw that one while messing around with trades last night) I would be driving up to Duryea immediately to get that one.

    I too am frustrated by inattentive code redeemers, especially as I am trying to trade my way to a specific goal.

  3. I've put out 50-60 trade offers in the last week and most of them are just ignored. It's not as if I'm offering 87s for 52s. Most of my offers are same year or a little earlier for Rangers.

  4. Good. I am very interested to see condition on the ones you receive. If it is anything like the heritage buy-back cards it won't blow people away. Mine has a light crease. Ow.

  5. The Transmogrifier is currently down for maintenance. I wonder if that is so they can get the "send me mah schtuff" link installed or because it got stuck on spitting out late '80s Hall of Famers again.

  6. Man, I had the Repulski on my pile of cards to trade you if I ever made a trade with you. Shoot.