Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Now THAT'S more like it

I received my Dodger card out of the Topps Million Card Giveaway.

No, it's not poor Leron Lee. Didn't you hear? I have three of them already. Besides, dayf pulled his offer. I think he got the sense that I wasn't too enthused about another Lee card. He mentioned something about GMs and a team that got spanked by Willie McGee in the 1982 NLCS and took someone else's offer.

That's OK. Because I am enthused about this:

In the name of all that is sweet, beautiful and tasty, that's a freakin' 1960 Rip Repulski card!!! And it came to me over the Million Card Giveway trade waves.

You may not know Rip Repulski, but I do. That's the same man that is on this card:

I babbled about that card here.

And here's part of the terrific back to that piece of '56 fantasticness.

Gritz76 of Project '62 offered me the 1960 Repulski card through the Million Card Giveaway. I thought he might offer me something, after I redeemed this card:

I had posted it a few days ago. It's a nice one.

But as much as I enjoy that card, it's no match for a guy who went by "Rip" his entire career. A man who was traded to the Dodgers for none other than Sparky Anderson. And I do love the horizontal 1960 set. I hit the "accept" button quicker than an overcaffeinated Jeopardy contestant.

There are few certainties in life, but here is one of them: I will have Topps ship the Repulski card to me.

That trade offer came mere moments after I went ahead and accepted BA Benny's Jeff Burroughs card in exchange for my Braves team card. That's right, the Braves team card went to the Mets fan. Hey, Leron Lee was off the table. Besides, I've already put Burroughs to work for me in hopes it'll land one of the few 1981 Topps cards I need.

Meanwhile, I've gotten an offer for my 1987 Kevin Bass card.


Somebody offered me this for it:

Oh, that somebody happens to be dayf.

Well, the Magee card IS one I don't have.

That's progress.

So, should I accept?


  1. Wow... Rip Repulski? That's a real guy? And a Cardinal. I feel sad for not knowing that now. He sounds like a Mike Tyson's Punch-Out opponent.

  2. Leron Lee...hey, at least he was big in Japan!

  3. Be careful with your trading on There is no quarantee that you are actually trading with who you think you are. I just traded a 1962 Robin Roberts for a 1966 Jose Santiago.

    Yes on purpose, it was supposed to be part of a bigger trade, with cards in my actual possession. But it ended up going to someone else who also pulled a 1966 Jose Santiago, and Topps doesn't want to hear it.

    If you really want the card, pay the 2 bucks if it is part of another deal with cards in hand.

  4. It was tough letting Rip go but I know he'll be in a more appreciative place now. BTW I got that card and two others from the '60s for a 1970 Bill Lee card that I got for a '66 Bobby Klause card. I'm loving this stuff!

  5. I would totally make that Bass trade. I'm still trying to trade off my David Wells for a Dave Righetti.

  6. Thanks for the Braves team card. It does pain me to accept a Braves card as aMets fan but being a team card collector I needed it for my collection. Be assured it will go into my team binder never to share a book with any Mets cards and then any binder with a Braves card inside will not touch a binder that has Mets cards in it. Opposite ends of the bookshelf for them! Hope the Jeff Burroughs gets you something good you need.