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Popular sends

Trading Card Database trade offers have come pretty fast-and-furious for me in the last month-plus.

None of these are big trades, but there's been eight of them since early February and that adds up when you're trying to conserve space on your card desk. So I'm finishing off what I have to show here and providing a little countdown as well.

I've noted that certain cards have been popular sends from my TCDB partners. They definitely revolve around sets. I think a main reason for that is because I have noted my wants for sets, but haven't done a lot of other want-listing for stuff like Dodgers and such. That's the next project. TCDB is full of projects. It's practically like my mom was -- always finding me another task to do.

But I certainly appreciate getting set-fillers, more than almost any other kind of card really. I'm on this planet to fill sets -- if you're defining existence by hobby missions anyway.
So let's see what the most popular cards have been in the few trades I've made in the last 30 days or so.

5. 2022 BOWMAN and 1975 HOSTESS - 1 card

This Bowman card came from cdorso in a single card-for-card exchange, which even someone brow-beaten by March can do. I also received an extra 2023 Topps card in the swap, although someone beat him to that card by a couple of days (future post on the way).

4. 1986 FLEER and 1977 HOSTESS - 3 cards

I would never rank '86 Fleer over '77 Hostess but I've already shown the Hostess cards. And I do really appreciate the 1986 Fleer needs. I can't get myself to buy the few (mostly star) cards I need to finish that set -- I'm finding that set more and more boring -- so this is key.

This was part of a trade with 88gibby, who, yep, is a Dodgers fan. I was able to send a few Dodger dupes his way for several cards. This is my favorite kind of TCDB deal. Please, please TCDBers, ask for my extra Dodger cards.

3. 1970 TOPPS - 4 cards

I also received these 1970 Topps cards unannounced from 88gibby. They're all off-condition samples, although all needs. I'll probably upgrade. The Briggs is the best of the bunch so we'll see. Higher number cards in this set aren't just given away.

2. 2005 TOPPS - 14 cards

I could've sworn I've received more than 14 cards from this set. It seems every time I click on the site I'm getting another offer of '05 Topps. This is the rest of the package from '88gibby, it really contained so much that I'm trying to tackle, which is wonderful.

1. 1979 TOPPS FOOTBALL - 57 cards

Easily the most progress I've made is on my '79 Topps football set. I've flown past halfway complete through TCDB trades and have been receiving cards from the set 12 at a time. These cards are from SetShot68, all for four current-ish Dodger dupes.

And these cards are from Musclebeech, with whom I have traded previously through simple email means. These 12 contain cards I remember having as a kid, like John Jefferson and Coy Bacon. This is why I'm trying to complete this set.

Even at the rapid rate of '79 football sends, there are still a bunch of notable wants out there. Earl Campbell and Steve Largent and the like. I don't know if TCDBers commonly deal cards like that but hopefully I'll have enough bait loaded up at some point to land those cards. I still haven't initiated a trade on there, I need more time to be doing stuff like that.

I'm not above buying those star cards at a show, obviously, that's how I get most of those kinds of cards, but how can you argue with getting cards you want for cards that are just sitting in a box?


1984 Tigers said…
I've always considered the 79 topps football set as an underrated find. Only year of Earl Campbell. Lofton rookie. Last year of Staubach. Only card showing tony Dungy as a player on Steelers leader card. Doug Williams rookie. A punter named Zenon who could have been a noble gas if they found one more for the periodic table.

Love the card backs. Nice to read.

Poor John Jefferson. He was this all world player for Chargers his 1st three years, held out and got traded to GB where his career ultimately backslid. A future Hof had he stayed playing for Fouts. Instead SD got Wes chandler from the saints as his replacement. He scored 36 tds in three years for SD and then only 11 more rest of career.

Sometime during a low price era on ebay about 10 or so years ago, bought a full set on sheets for under 100 in condition. One of my favorites to pull out and read during slow times.

Paul t
I've had a lot of success trading on TCDB. And you nailed the best part: getting cards you want in exchange for stuff just sitting in a box.
Old Cards said…
Like those 1970's. The scans don't look that bad considering they are off condition, which is a good reason to buy live when you can.
Fuji said…
Hmmm... I might have an extra 1979 Topps Largent. Just got a ton of stuff on my plate right now. If you read this comment and shoot me an email (to remind me)... I'll look to see if I have one. Also if you have any 75T Mini set needs... email me those as well.
Adam Ryan said…
I was just looking through my 86 Fleer cards yesterday for the first time in forever. I always liked the set, cool photos and cards of players in unfamiliar uniforms. As far as football cards, that 79 set is really a thing of beauty. Most of my football cards are from the 80s and I haven’t got too much into vintage football, but hopefully that will change soon as I get back into collecting.
GCA said…
It must be heavy trading season on TCDB. I just put in one 3-row box of tradeable stuff from 1998 to 2000 over the weekend. I got like five offers for small trades immediately. I shudder to think about what will happen when I get a few more boxes entered... Might have to turn trades off to keep up.
Jon said…
Jack Tatum always looked like he was about to go murder someone.
Matt said…
I haven’t yet gotten into trading on there yet and
Probably won’t. They don’t know who I am lol.

I have so many twitter trades instead I can’t keep
Up with. And I still have some cards to mail your way. Hopefully soon! Not sure if you still have that judge we spoke about awhile back