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Dribs and drabs

When history comes to document my card purchases in March of 2023, it will find one large purchase of 1969 Topps cards. That will be the defining buy of the month for me.

The remaining card acquisitions for the month have all arrived in dribs and drabs, only when I have a few spare dollars, never more than a handful each time, sometimes only one at a time. There was no card show, no comc or sportlots binge, not even a blaster splurge this month.

I also think I've made my last card purchases for the month, and they're not here yet. So all I have for you is the most recent arrivals. It's probably not much to you, but they are everything to me, right now.

This was a single-card snag from @BettSpaghett79 who is known for offering up single cards for sale once in awhile. Most often, they are prospects I've never heard of, but a Dodger pops up periodically. Perhaps you're wondering why this card, so here it is:

Why'd I buy this?

1. It's a Dodger card I need.
2. It's X-refractory. Mostly that means it's damn-impressive in scans but less fun in hand. Still fun, just less.
3. 2020 Chrome was a pandemic craze. I never found any, so I need so many Dodgers still.

This was another Twitter purchase off a Twitter person, @SplitSeason1981, aka, Jeff, aka, the former mayor of Cooperstown. I've transacted and traded with him before. He shares a love for '70s Hostess cards and I couldn't help myself here. I think you know why I need these, but just in case:

Why'd I buy this?

1. 1970s cards are my favorite cards.
2. 1970s oddballs are my favorite oddballs.
3. Hostess panels are insanely fun, I know if Hostess snack cakes were allowed in my home -- and they weren't -- I would never be able to resist cutting these up, so I am in awe of the Restraint more than anything else.
4. All stars from the '70s right there. If I watched you on my television as a kid, you are a titan, right up there with Bugs Bunny, Oscar The Grouch and Mean Joe Greene.

The most recent arrival that came from ebay. But for more details:

Why'd I buy this?

1. It's a Ron Cey card/disc, silly.
2. It's from the '70s.
3. It's a wonderful exception to the "don't buy the same card over and over" rule. 

The MSA discs from the late 1970s feature a variety of different advertisements on the backs, almost too many to keep track of, but I've started making it my quest.

These are the various backs for the same Ron Cey front in my collection. A couple more are on the way and I have my eye on a couple others.

I'm sure there are some that I'll never find or are priced out of my range. But that's OK. The repeated fronts allow me to accept my limitations.
The remainder of the month, sadly, will be mostly hobby free. There are a few activities and appointments lined up that will even keep me away from the blog for a few days. So feel free to peruse the archives if you're starved for some NOC content.
Don't worry, it won't be March forever.


Nick said…
My March has been exactly the opposite - I've spent more on cards this month than I have in a while. Tends to happen when a huge card show comes to town!

It's a good thing I'm not much of a completist, because those MSA Discs would drive me nuts with the 823 different backs.
I should probably be more diligent obtaining the MSA discs of Aarons', but most list him as a Brewer, so I easily forget to track any down.
Jon said…
I have my first couple of MSA discs on the way as well.
Fuji said…
A. Only one more week of March! Start of April will be rough too... but Spring Break is right around the corner.

B. If money wasn't an issue, I'd definitely build complete sets of 70's Hostess panels. That Cedeno/Griffey/Kingman is clean. I love how the previous owner took their time while cutting the panel.

C. Love the MSA discs! I've thought about picking a player and chasing all of the different backs, but just haven't done anything about it. Maybe one day though.
1984 Tigers said…
Love the hostess sets. Was fortunate that my friend's mom worked in the hostess factory in Detroit and his step dad drove the early morning delivery trucks to the stores. He got me tons of panels. I was able to make full 50 panel sets of 1978 and 1979 and still have them sealed away in a Ziploc baggie. Occasionally had to buy a box to get a certain panel that he didn't give me but great cards.

My March was busy enough, even as a recent work retiree in fall 2021, staying busy in Toastmasters, watching the tourneys as well as spring ball on TV, and best of all going through many boxes of 60s and 70s dupes that I bought mostly in the 90s and early 00s.

I've been blessed with a great wife for 30 years, two wonderful daughters plus a son in law but none of the younger family care a hoot about sports. Which means I'll finally be setting up at some shows in mid michigan to start selling things off bit by bit. No rush at all to move what I have but happy to get out there and hopefully fill needs of local collectors. Considering getting back onto ebay but posters here seem to have a pretty negative experience with being a seller on eBay these days. It was pretty good in early 00s.

Paul t
Adam Ryan said…
I like those MSA discs, especially if it has a brand on the back I recognize. Think I saw one with Tastee-Freeze on there once, but I could be wrong.

I'll think of March this year as the month where I started to get back into cards.
Chris said…
How many different backs did those MSA discs have?
GCA said…
One time I found a company that was making 3½" pocket 6-pocket sheets. Would love to find those again and take my MSA disc set out of the 9-pocket photo album pages that they are in now. Not sure why they don't make that size....
night owl said…
@Chris ~

Couldn't really tell you. Cey has around 20 total for 1976 and 1977.